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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) uses an IBM DB2 database. Following an installation,

some IBM DB2 messages may be issued such as: SQL0000W. Which action interprets this


A. run SQL0000W query from the TSM administrative command line

B. run help db2 SQL0000W from the IBM DB2 integrated solution console

C. run help message SQL0000W from the TSM administrative command line

D. rundb2 ? SQL0000W from an operating system command line on the TSM server

Answer: D


How is the Backup-Archive client set up with remote access in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2


A. use the TSM VNC client

B. configure the remote node on each client system

C. setup and customize the TSM Web client on each Backup-Archive client system

D. setup and customize the TSM remote access client on each Backup-Archive client system

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

A retail company is in the process of defining a product catalog. The requirements specify that the

product be uniquely identified by its SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and contain a product name, a

product description, and a price. Additionally, some products can have up to five accessories.

Each accessory is a product by itself. Therefore, only the SKU of the accessories need to be

related to the product. Finally, it is also a requirement to enable addition of a promotion code that

would be effective during a specific period of time.

Every product in the catalog falls under a product category. The product category will be cross-

referenced in multiple places in the document. Which of the following is a valid document

fragment that satisfies this need?

A. <category idref=


The W3C DOM Core interfaces defines a minimal set of:

A. Interfaces for accessing and manipulating document objects.

B. Java object implementations for use with XML parsers.

C. Conventions and processes for creating live HTML pages.

D. Mutable document trees.

Answer: A


The library LIBX contains a large number of files and the administrator needs to backup a physical file named WES and its associated logical files (named WFSOI through WES99). Using the SAVOBJ command, what is the most efficient procedure to backup the physical and logical files and ensure the quickest restore process?

A. Use the command SAVOBJ OBJ(WES) ACCPTH(*YES) to back up all the files at the same time.\

B. Back up file LIBXM/FS.Run the SAVOBJ command again to backup the logical files and access paths.

C. Special generic name on the Objects parameter (WES*) to back up the all the files at the same time.

D. Back up files LIBX(WES* TYPE(*LF) and access paths.Run the SAVOBJ command again to backup the physical file LIBX/WFS.

Correct Answer: C