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Which two components are created during configuration of space-efficient storage in an extent pool?


volume and virtual space

B. background copy and target copy


virtual space and repository space


source volume and target volume

Correct Answer: C


According to the so-called Upstream Queuing model for performance tuning, which of the

following would reflect the correct application of recommended settings for maximum concurrent


A. Web server=75, Web container=50, Datasource=25

B. Web server=50, Web container=50, Datasource=50

C. Web server=25, Web container=50, Datasource=75

D. Web server=75, Web container=25, Datasource=50

Answer: A


A storage specialist needs to create a new host connection using the DSCLI. Which of the following

parameters identifies the host?

A. hosttype

B. volume group

C. ioports


Correct Answer: D


An administrator has a save file with user created program objects that were created on another system. One of the programs cannot be restored.

What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The restore command used specified Force Object Conversion parameter as *NO.

B. The program was being restored to a library that is missing a referenced file.

C. The program was compiled using TGTRLS(*CURRENT) on a system at a later release.

D. The program was compiled using TGTRLS specifying a release prior to the release installed on the system.

Correct Answer: C


Which statement describes a recognized security risk with programs that adopt authority?

A. Items in IFS directories can be altered.

B. The users job will retain elevated authority when the program ends.

C. If the program opens a command line, a user will have access to the system at elevated authority.

D. If the program calls another program, the called program cannot avoid running at elevated authority.

Correct Answer: C