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A customer has an EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 installed. The disk subsystem is coming off lease. The

customer is considering an IBM System Storage DS8800. What is a key advantage of the DS8800?

A. The DS8800 has a higher disk RPM than the Symmetrix DMX-4

B. The DS8800 has higher capacity with more efficient footprint than the Symmetrix DMX-4


The DS8800 supports FlashCopy for internal array replication


The DS8800 supports external virtualization

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following CORRECTLY describes the two letter abbreviations for the Mid-Atlantic

states of the USA?

NOTE: The Mid-Atlantic states are Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West

Virginia. Their abbreviations are MD, NC, PA, VA, and WV, respectively.

A. <xsd:simpleType name=


A customer has an IBM System Storage Enterprise Storage Server and several EMC CX3 systems

installed in a data center, attached to IBM System p servers. As a step toward data consolidation, they

intend to put all data on a new DS8700. What would be the most important data migration factors to


A. sector size and the amount of production data

B. existing RAID levels and the disk drive speed

C. sector size and existing RAID levels

D. amount of production data and the disk drive speed

Correct Answer: D


An administrator is creating a new connection to an existing system, but cannot connect successfully. Which action will resolve the problem?

A. Create a user profile for the connection.

B. Delete, recreate, and test the connection.

C. Enable the user profile for the connection.

D. Change the connection to be the Management Central system. Correct Answer: B


Notations can be used to identity all of the following EXCEPT:

A. The location of the images

B. The format of unparsed entities

C. The format of element attributes of the ENTITY and ENTITIES types

D. The application associated with a processing instruction (PI)

Answer: A