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A developer previewing a Worklight application for an Android device in the Mobile Browser Simulator now

wants to preview the application for an iOS device. Is it possible to preview the application for both devices

on a same page of the Mobile Browser Simulator?

A. No because the developer can view only one device at a time.

B. Yes by clicking the Add Device button to select another device.

C. Yes by enabling the User Agent switching to select another device.


Yes by adding another device in the Device section of the Cordova API plugin.

Correct Answer: B


In the Work With Shared Pools panel shown, what is the meaning of the “Maximum” column under the “Size” section?

A. The maximum amount of main storage that can be assigned to the pool in GB.

B. The maximum percentage of the total main storage that can be assigned to the pool.

C. The maximum amount of main storage that the automatic tuner will assign to the pool in GB.

D. The maximum percentage of the total main storage that the automatic tuner will assign to the pool

Correct Answer: D


A hybrid mobile application named App1 is failing to connect to the Worklight Server with the following

error code: “Application Error – The connection to the server was unsuccessful” Knowing that the

application should be available at “http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl” but without any access to the Worklight

Console, how can the support engineer ensure that the application App1 has been properly deployed?

A. Query the is-alive URL at “http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl/ws/rest/vitality?app=App1”

B. Query the preview URL at “http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl/apps/services/preview/App1/App1.html”

C. Invoke the Worklight Server Mobile Browser Simulator



Use a remote debugging tool such as Weinre or iWebInspector to inspect the request to the

application\’s init resource at”http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl/apps/services/api/App1/common/init”

Correct Answer: A


A developer is preparing a Worklight mobile application for deployment to a production environment where

the Worklight Server core database is stored on DB2 and must be accessed using the WorklightDS data


Which database properly settings must the developer specify in the application\’s worklight. properties file

to properly configure it for deployment to the production environment?

A. wl.db.type=DB2wl.dta.url=jdtac:db2:WorklightDS

B. wl.db.type=DB2wl. db. j ndi.name=j dbc/WorklightDS

C. wl.db.driver=com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driverwl. db. j ndi.neune=jdbc/WorklightDS

D. wl.db.driver=com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driverwl.db.url=jdbc:db2:WorklightDS

Correct Answer: B

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A solution implementer is configuring a AAA Policy to secure a DataPower service. Why would the

solution implementer configure Mapping Authentication Credentials and Mapping Requested

Resources in the DataPower AAA Policy? (choose 2)

A. To map the requested resource to the correct backend URL for dynamic message routing.

B. To map the requested resource from a legacy operation name to a new operation name to

allow correct authorization.

C. To map the authenticated credentials to an alternative security token to insert into the message

payload for authorization.

D. To map the authenticated credentials from a DN-formatted LDAP response to a username for

Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) authorization.

E. To map the authenticated credentials to mediate the security headers of two different protocols

(for example from HTTP headers to MQMD).

Answer: B,D