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The difference between XML Schema simple type and complex type is:

A. Only the predefined XML Schema types such as string and date are considered to be simple


B. A simple type is used only for defining attributes.

C. A complex type is used only for defining elements.

D. A pattern facet can only be associated with simple types.

E. Only complex types can have attributes.

F. Only simple types can have attributes.

Answer: E


Which two data repositories can be used for user authentication within the Information Server

Suite? (Choose two.)

A. IIS Web Console

B. IBM Metadata repository

C. Standalone LDAP registry

D. Operations Console database

E. IBM Information Server user directory

Answer: C,E



Identify two different types of custom stages you can create to extend the Parallel job syntax?

(Choose two.)

A. Input stage

B. Basic stage

C. Group stage

D. Custom stage

E. Wrapped stage

Answer: D,E



A service needs to be configured on the DataPower appliance to allow a client to share access to

a private resource. This sharing must be done without the sharing of user credentials. A solution

implementer has decided to implement an OAuth solution for the customer. Which of the following

are available to the solution implementer to implement OAuth? (choose 3)

A. AAA action

B. SSL proxy profile

C. Web Token Service

D. 1-legged authentication

E. OAuth client and OAuth client group

F. OAuth open source DataPower plug-in

Answer: A,C,E



A BPM application developer has built an integration service that executes SQL calls. Within this

service, the BPM application developer makes use of the “SQL Execute Statement” service found

within the TWSYS toolkit. Review the snapshot of the data mapping for this service. The BPM

application developer wants to manage the “dataSourceName” value at runtime, instead of

hardcoding the value “jdbc/BPMTEST”.

Which features of IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 will allow the BPM application developer

to do this? (Choose two)

A. environment variables

B. auto tracked variables

C. localization resources

D. shared process variables

E. exposed process variables

Answer: A,E