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Which feature is new in the Administration Center for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V6.2?

A. automatic deployment of Windows client updates

B. creation of client node backup sets with a table of contents

C. backup of the TSM server from within the server properties page

D. creation of additional AIX Tivoli Storage Managerserver instances

Answer: A


Which of the following are advantages of configuring a management IP address on a VIO Server?

A. Allows trunking on the SEA failoverAllows DLPAR of CPU and MemoryAllows network based OS


B. Allows the VIO Server to be used as an MSPAllows VIO Server management without access to an

HMCAllows browser-based access to ASMI

C. Allows DLPARAllows network based OS upgradesAllows VIO Server management without access to

an HMC

D. Allows a control channel to be used on SEAsAllows for the use of Live Partition MobilityAllows for

security inside a hostile network

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following approaches can be used to reduce the time needed to parse an XML


A. Use parameter entities to shorten DTDs.

B. Refer to external entities over a network connection to avoid reading from a disk.

C. Use general entities to shorten instance documents by reusing content that appears


D. Use entities to eliminate the need for validation.

Answer: A, C


A retailer recently upgraded their IBM Sterling Order Management from an older version to 9.1.

While verifying the installation after the upgrade was completed, the resource manager found that

the APIs were not returning data from the extended columns of product tables. The release

manager believes the root cause to be a defective build process. Which aspect of the build

process was defective?

A. The build process was not using the correct version of the JVM to compile the custom classes.

B. There is nothing wrong with the build process. Data from extended columns will not be carried

over as part of an upgrade.

C. In order to view data from extended columns, custom classes following the “data access object”

pattern have to be written and compiled as part of the build process.

D. The database extension xml was not present in the correct folder and hence the build process

was not including it and did not detect any of the database extensions.

Answer: D



A web page in a Worklight mobile application invokes a native page using the following function call:

WL.NativePage.show(“com.demo.NativePage”, parm2, data); What needs to be passed to the native page

in the parm2 parameter?

A. the name of an HTML error page that is displayed in case of error

B. the function object that is called upon return from the native page

C. the name of a native error-handler class that is invoked in case of error

D. the URL of the web page that is displayed upon return from the native page

Correct Answer: B