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Companycom is about to purchase a POWER5 Enterprise server which requires two Ethernet

ports and two disks for each of the four LPARs. It has been configured and validated using the

IBM eConfig tool. Which of the following is very important to verify in addition to the eConfig


A. Total number of SCSI adapters

B. Total number of Ethernet adapters

C. Total number of Ethernet adapters and number of SCSI paths per LPAR

D. Total number of SCSI paths available and total number of SCSI adapters

Answer: C


Which statement correctly describes a type of service available in Business Process Manager V8.0?

A. An Ajax service can be used to generate tasks in the IBM Process Portal user interface.

B. An Integration service is the only type of service that can contain a Java or Web Service integration


C. In addition to implementing business rules, Decision services are used for manipulating variable data.

D. General System services are used to build custom functionality into the BPD for any non-supported

service types.

Correct Answer: B


A design company has a process with 4 activities. The activity that occurs first is Submit Design and it is

implemented as a Human Service. The next two activities, Review Design Engineering and Review Design

Colors, occur in parallel, are always executed, and are both implemented as a Subprocess. The final

activity Approve Design, is implemented as a Human Service and occurs after Review Design Engineering

and Review Design Colors have both been completed.

Select the business process diagram that matches the description of the company\’s process.

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A. Exhibit A

B. Exhibit B

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C. Exhibit C

D. Exhibit D

Correct Answer: B


The storage pool on tape has used a large number of volumes during the last few days. Which

approach would find the node which uses the largest amount of tape?

A. analyze the hardware log for hardware errors

B. analyze the q occupancy output for the largest data consumer

C. analyze the q volume usage output to determine the largest volume consumer

D. check the activity log for the largest tape requester/consumer or hardware problem

Answer: B


When establishing server-side SSL authentication for an SSL connection, which one of the

following sequence is used to establish a successful connection?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: A