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A customer is in the process of configuring a J2C (JCA) connection factory using the

administrative console. The customer wishes to eventually secure the connection. The customer

also knows that several security settings are now deprecated in WebSphere Application Server

V6 for connection factories.

Which of the following should the system administrator recommend that the customer use?

A. Container-managed Authentication Alias

B. Mapping-Configuration Alias

C. Authentication preference

D. Container-managed authentication alias

Answer: A


Which of the following statements is TRUE for a well-formed XML document?

A. It must contain statement.

B. There must be at least ONE root element that has NO attributes.

C. Each of the parsed entities referenced is well-formed.

D. The root element CANNOT belong to a namespace.

E. An attribute value cannot have reference to an entity.

Answer: C


What happens if IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL is started in the foreground and the

routing file is configured as follows?

A. The routing file is corrupt because it is not possible to specify multiple logging

destinations (FATAL, ERROR, WARNING).

B. FATAL, ERROR, WARNING messages are only sent to the screen as STDOUT or

STDERR; NOTICE messages are ignored.

C. FATAL, ERROR, WARNING messages are only sent to the screen as STDOUT or

STDERR; NOTICE message are sent to the file “msg_notice.log”.

D. FATAL, ERROR, WARNING messages are sent to the screen as STDOUT or STDERR

and to the configured routing files. NOTICE message are sent to the file “msg_notice.log”.

Answer: D



An administrator would like to order the latest cumulative1 DB2 for IBM i, and HIPER PTF groups for a system. After signing on to Fix Central and selecting the appropriate OS release, what must be selected from the list of group fixes to acquire all these PTEs with the fastest download time?

A. Order the cumulative PTF, which automatically includes DB2 and HIPER groups.

B. Order the cumulative, DB2 for IBM i, and HIPER groups in three separate orders.

C. Customize the order and order just the cumulative PTF to remove requisites and reduce transfer size.

D. Order the cumulative in one order, then order the DB2 for IBM i and HIPER groups in a separate order.

Correct Answer: A


During the pre-installation planning of a customer\’s recently purchased IBM System Storage DS8700 the

port configuration, cabling, and disk layout were discussed. What other topic should be discussed in this

solution review?

A. LPAR capacity planning

B. logical volume configuration

C. data migration process

D. audit hosts for HBA worldwide port names

Correct Answer: C