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Which command will save the access paths for Iwo physical files (PFLE1, PFILE2) when both the physical and dependent logical file (LFILE) reside in the same library?





Correct Answer: C


An administrator is creating an IBM i 6.1 guest partition on a Power 720 with no expansion units. The host partition is an IBM i 7.1 partition. The system has only one internal DVD, located in the CEO, which is allocated to the host partition.

The administrator has configured the partition profile, the client and server vSOSI adapter pair, a network server description and 12 storage spaces. There is no additional optical media device to start the D-mode IPL for this guest partition.

What is the fastest way for the administrator to complete the IBM i 6.1 installation?

A. Use the existing DVD device that is allocated to the host partition.

B. Reallocate the DVD device from the host partition to the guest partition.

C. Configure another vSCSI adapter pair in order to access the existing DVD device.

D. Convert the 6.1 DVD5 to .iso images, create a virtual optical device and load the iso images to it.

Correct Answer: A


After applying the latest Fix Pack to a VIO server, the administrator finds an issue with the hosted media

repository. The lsrep command fails with the following error:

“Unable to retrieve repository date due to incomplete repository structure”

What is the most likely cause for this error?

A. The VIO server has not been rebooted since applying the Fix Pack.

B. The Fix Pack reset the date and time to the shipped default.

C. The repository was in a loaded state prior to applying the Fix Pack.

D. The reboot caused the repository to forcibly unmount.

Correct Answer: C


A custom application program is submitted daily by operations personnel using the CALL command. The program has a requirement that the prior days backup tape volume serial be passed via a parameter so the program can read the tape. The program has failed due to syntax errors when entering the CALL command and parameters.

What can the administrator do to help minimize similar errors?

A. Use the Check Tape command and set the Exit parameter to call the program.

B. Create a Job Schedule Entry to call the program and prompt for the parameter.

C. Use the command SBMJOB to call the program and set the OTAPE data area parameter to *LAST.

D. Develop a CL program to capture the correct parameter value. call the program, and pass the parameter.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION NO:144

A batch job is running a report at priori 50 on a system using IBM defaults for job run priorities. The report results are needed as soon as possible without disrupting interactive users.

Which run priority value will support the requirement?

B. 20

C. 40

D. 60

Correct Answer: C