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Companycom has just purchased a p5 570 with AIX 5.3. The customer would like to add a

training LPAR to the system, but no processors are available. All of the partitions are using

dedicated resources. The test LPAR is using one processor and has a 90% CPU idle rate. What

can be done to setup this training LPAR quickly without disabling their current environment?

A. Use AIX 5.3 which supports micro-partitioning for both the test and training LPARS

B. Use DLPAR to move resources from the test LPAR to training when training is active

C. Install Partition Load Manager to share resources between the test and training environments

D. Install Advanced Power Virtualization and then use micro-partitioning for both the test and

training LPARs

Answer: D


A developer is creating the ear of the Selling and Fulfillment Suite and is required to use the API

Tester once the deployment is complete to test the custom APIs in the development environment.

What should be passed to the build command for the API Tester to be included in the ear?

A. ./ -Dappserver=websphere -Dwarfiles=smcfs,sma,sbc -Dearfile=smcfs.ear create-


B. ./ -Dappserver=websphere -Dwarfiles=smcfs,sma,sbc -Dearfile=smcfs.ear –

Ddevmode=true create-ear

C. ./ -Dappserver=websphere -Dwarfiles=smcfs,sma,sbc -Dearfile=smcfs.ear –

Dnowebservice=true -Dtestmode=N create-ear

D. ./ -Dappserver=websphere -Dwarfiles=smcfs,sma,sbc -Dearfile=smcfs.ear –

Dsupport.multi.war=true -Dtestmode=N create-ear

Answer: B



Which three actions can be done in the Rich Page Editor? (Choose three.)

A. Edit element properties.

B. Compare different skins using the Split view.


Drag from the Palette view to create dojo widgets.

D. Drag from the Palette view to create HTML form tags.

E. Preview the layout with all browsers installed in the local machine.

Correct Answer: ACD


An administrator has successfully completed installing the current cumulative PTF package, most recent Technology Refresh level, plus multiple group PTEs.

Due to time constraints a full system backup cannot be completed, but there is time for a subset of a full system save.

Which type of save will capture the changes made by the PTF and Technology Level installation?

A. Save System (SAVSYS)

B. Save System Data Only (SAVE menu option 22)

C. Save IBM product data – SAV OBJ((`/QIBM/ProdData\’)(7QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData\’))

D. Save IBM Libraries, Save Configuration and Security Data – SAVLIB *IBM SAVCFG and SAVSECDTA

Correct Answer: B


What are two effects on the system when Agent Servers are configured with high threading levels

and there is low traffic volume?

A. The throughput will be higher as the threading level is high.

B. Better performance on Agent Servers as there is low traffic.

C. Unnecessary overheads as there will be frequent getter tasks.

D. The agents (consumers) could outpace the producers as there is low traffic.

E. There will be higher levels of database contention due to excess threading.

Answer: C,D