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A client tried to upgrade the system firmware on a p5 590, but it failed. What is the minimum

requirement to update the system firmware from the HMC if inventory scout is already installed?

A. A public internet connection

B. All of the Logical Partitions need to be active

C. One partition must be configured with Service Authority

D. A local Repository must be configured prior to the update

Answer: C


How should a storage specialist access the Storage Manager console for a new IBM System Storage


A. log in to the HMC with user “admin” and open a browser; the Storage Managerconsole will start

B. open the Element Manager from a TPC console

C. install the Storage Manager software on a PC, then open a browser and enter url://localhost:8451/



launch Web System Manager, access the HMC of the DS8800, right-click and choose Start Storage

Manager console

Correct Answer: B


An application\’s authenticationConfig.xml file contains the following configuration:

Which action must the developer perform to support the configuration?

A. Write a custom login module using the NonValidatingLoginModule.

B. Create a com.worklight.integration.auth.AdapterAuthenticator class for credential verification.

C. Create the SingleStepAuthAdapter and implement the onAuthRequired and onLogout functions.

D. Use the WL.Client.createChallengeHandler method in client application to send the credentials to the


Correct Answer: C


IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 is configured to use LDAP as the User

Registry. Which two stanza entries are valid in the ldap.conf file? (Choose two.)

A. max-page-size

B. search-timeout

C. ssl-keyfile-path

D. max-search-size

E. page-mode-search

Answer: B,D



All IBM-supplied user profiles and administrators\’ profiles in a system have inadvertently been disabled and an administrator needs to regain access into the system.

What should the administrator do?

A. Sign on to the system console as user QSECOFR.

B. Reinstall the system License Internal Code to reset the QSECOFR profile.

C. Use Function 21 on the control panel 7 times to reset the QSECOFR profile.

D. Sign on with any user that has *JOBCTL authority and CALL QIBMSECRST (`QSECOFR\’ *DEFAULT 1).

Correct Answer: A