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Which three components must be implemented when defining an authentication realm? (Choose three.)

A. Authenticator

B. Login module

C. Identity validator

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D. Challenge handler

E. Security certificate

F. Encryption module

G. Secure connection

Correct Answer: ABD


A BPM application developer is developing a BPM solution in a process application called \’Auto

Loan Review Process\’ (ALREV). ALREV has an existing dependency on a toolkit called \’Financial

Calculation Services\’ (FCSERV). The developer is asked to update an integration service in

FCSERV and use that new service in ALREV.

What steps must the developer take to ensure that ALREV will utilize the new service created in


A. 1. Update the integration service in FCSERV

2. Take a snapshot of FCSERV

3. Update the dependency of ALREV from the FCSERV toolkit

B. 1. Update the integration service in FCSERV

2. Take a snapshot of FCSERV

3. Update dependency on FCSERV from the ALREV process application

C. 1. Create a new integration service in ALREV

2. Move the new integration service from ALREV to FCSERV

3. Take a snapshot of FCSERV

D. 1. Take a snapshot of FCSERV

2. Update the integration service in FCSERV

3. Update dependency on FCSERV in the ALREV process application

Answer: B


The storage pool on tape has used a large number of volumes during the last few days. Which

approach would find the node which uses the largest amount of tape?

A. analyze the hardware log for hardware errors

B. analyze the q occupancy output for the largest data consumer

C. analyze the q volume usage output to determine the largest volume consumer

D. check the activity log for the largest tape requester/consumer or hardware problem

Answer: B


A BPM application developer is creating a General System Service that calls an Integration Service. The

General System Service must handle exceptions coming from the integration service. How should the BPM

application developer implement error handling?

A. Error End Event

B. Error Intermediate Event

C. Throw Statement(s)

D. Try/Catch Statement(s)

Correct Answer: B


A web service proxy is receiving orders from partners as SOAP messages. The service is required to

reject messages if the total order cost in the message does not match the sum of the individual item costs.

What can the solution implementer do to support this requirement?

A. Create an XML Schema that enforces the above business requirements and uses this schema in a

Validate action.

B. Create a style sheet which performs the mathematical comparison and uses either a or

, and use this in a Filter action.

C. Configure an SLM Statement with the Threshold Level that computes the total order cost, and if it does

not match the total value then throttle the transaction.

D. Define the requirement in a WS-Policy attachment for the service. The web service proxy will then

automatically perform the mathematical comparison and reject any invalid messages.

Correct Answer: B