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A developer is writing a Worklight mobile application to run on Android and iOS platforms. The developer is

using the Apache Cordova device.platform API in the code to identify the device\’s platform type. Which

additional step, if any, should the developer perform before building and deploying the application to

successfully use the Apache Cordova API?

A. Set the element to true in the application\’s descriptor file to indicate the use of Cordova.

B. Copy the cordova.jar library file to the project\’s server folder to make it available to the application

at run-time.

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C. No additional step is required since the Cordova framework is automatically added into Worklight

iOS and Android projects.


Add a element to the application\’s main HTML file to include the cordova.js JavaScript file

that defines the API functions.

Correct Answer: C


The Business Partner technical specialist is called to determine if the addition of host ports on an IBM

System Storage DS8700 has improved users\’ response times for an IBM System p server running SAP.

How can the improvement be verified?

A. check the output of the “vmstat” command on LINUX

B. check the performance reports via Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

C. check the performance reports via Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. check the output of the “iostat” command on AIX

Correct Answer: C


An administrator must remove any installed efixes before attempting to install a new VIO Fix Pack. Which

VIO command will advise if any VIO efixes are actually present?

A. lslpp

B. emgr

C. lssw

D. oem_platform_level

Correct Answer: C


A storage pool is running out of tape volumes. The pool contains many tapes with a status of full

and which have a low percent utilization. What can be done to free up tape volumes?

A. change the copy storage pool settings

B. change the pool to a transient data pool

C. change the reclaim threshold for the tape storage pool

D. change the compression setting for the tape device class

Answer: C


A customer has a primary (A) and a secondary (B) local data center. Now they plan to setup a third data

center (C) approximately 700 kilometers away. All centers use DS8000. They need to have mission critical

data available and consistent in all three sites. IBM is proposing a Metro Global Mirror solution. Which of

the following licensed functions are required in the secondary (B) local data center machine?.

A. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Volume Copy license

B. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license

C. Metro Global Mirror license, Global Mirror license

D. Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license,FlashCopy license

Correct Answer: B