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An administrator created and tested a CL program to perform a nightly backup of an in-house application. The program adopts authority of the owner who is a user with *SAVSYS special authority.

The administrator can run the program without error. However, when any member of the OPERATOR group attempts to use the program, an error occurs.

Which action will correct the problem and maintain system security with least effort?

A. Grant the operators *ALLOBJ authority.

B. Change the authority on the library and program to PUBLIC *ALL.

C. Grant the operator group profile *USE authority to the program.

D. Use the Grant User Authority command (GRTUSRAUT) and specify the OPERATOR group as the referenced user.

Correct Answer: C


XML Schemas can be used to define which of the following?

A. New built-in simple data types

B. New data types with numeric range limitations

C. New data types limited to an enumerated set of values

D. New data types that must fit a particular format, such as a phone number

E. New data types automatically, based on actual values found in an XML document

Answer: B, C, D


An administrator needs to analyze performance data that has been collected. The Performance Tools temporary key has expired. How can the system administrator analyze the performance data?

A. Adjust the QDATE system value to the day before the temporary key expired. Then rerun the performance analysis.

B. On another system with a valid Performance Tools key, enter the command STPPERDDM to use DDM to remotely connect to the system to be evaluated.

C. Start performance collection using System i Navigator, save the collection library and restore it to another system with a valid Performance Tools key.

D. Start performance collection using the PM400 tab in System i Navigator and click `yes\’ when prompted to send the data to IBM. Then review IBM\’s analysis online.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator notices the time stamp of service processor-related messages are significantly different

from other time stamps from events known to have occurred at the same time.

The system is HMC managed.

The HMC time zone shows the correct local time

IBM i shows the correct local time.

Where can the service processor time setting be verified?

A. In the QUTCOFFSET system value

B. In the ASMI date and time settings

C. In the Universal Time setting in System Service Tools

D. In the date and time setting for the managed system on the HMC Correct Answer: B


Which IBM host-based device driver allows for path failover, while also providing dynamic load balancing

on a Windows 2000-based server?

A. PowerPath





Correct Answer: D