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What differentiates the property of objects in IFS directories from objects in the /QSYS.LIB file system?

A. QSYS.LIB object names are case sensitive.

B. IFS objects can be excluded from all types of backups.

C. IFS objects cannot specify the character set used to store data.

D. QSYS.LIB objects *PUBLIC authority cannot be influenced by the containing object.

Correct Answer: B


A developer is implementing the reverse logistics module as part of an IBM Sterling Selling and

Fulfillment Suite solution. The solution should allow for return orders to be created against a sales

order and the linkage between return and sales orders should be maintained. What should be part

of the implementation to achieve this?

A. Configure the include In Return transaction in the sales order pipeline.

B. Pass the IsBlindReturn attribute value as in the create Order API input.

C. Pass the ReturnAgainstSale attribute value as in the createOrder API input.

D. Set the enable Return Against Sales configuration under Reverse Logistics> Document

Specific > Return Order > Fulfillment > ProcessSet the enable Return Against Sales configuration

under Reverse Logistics> Document Specific > Return Order > Fulfillment > Process Type Details

in the Applications Manager.

Answer: A



When installing a storage agent on an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server where the server

options have been tuned, what should be done to ensure that the storage agent configuration is



B. check for IDLETIMEOUT on the server

C. ensure the TSM client and TSM server options match

D. ensure the TSM server and storage agent options match

Answer: D


Companycom is migrating their application that was built on AIX 4.3, to a new p5 590 system that

is running AIX 5.3. The application was a 32-bit program. What will need to be done with the

application to allow it to run on the new system?

A. Run without recompiling on AIX 5.3

B. Relink to the 32-bit kernel in order to run the application

C. Recompile to run on AIX 5.3 because the libraries are in different locations

D. Recompile 32-bit applications because the compiler flags and versions have changed

Answer: A


If Tivoli Common Directory is enabled as the preferred logging mechanism on a Linux-

based operating system, where does WebSEAL write serviceability and log messages by


A. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/AMZ/logs

B. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/AWD/logs

C. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/DPW/logs

D. /var/pdweb/www-/logs

Answer: C