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A customer places an order of amount $100. As per their business rules, if the payment method is

credit card the retailer has to authorize the credit card by contacting the payment gateway for the

complete order amount before the order can be scheduled. Which execution step needs to be

completed for the payments on the order to be authorized and the details stored against the


A. The managePaymentTerms API needs to be invoked with the appropriate order and payment

information in the input.

B. The executePaymentTransactions API needs to be invoked with the appropriate order and

payment information in the input.

C. The Payment Collection, Payment Execution and Payment Collection transactions should be

executed in that sequence for the order.

D. The payment status on the order has to be manually changed to UTHORIZED?from the

Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation console.

Answer: C



How can an existing AIX 5.2 LPAR, which is using SAN storage, be migrated into a versioned WPAR

(Workload Partition)?

A. Using LPM, but downtime will be required.

B. Dynamically using LAM.

C. Backup and restore a mksysb.

D. Rezone the SAN storage and use NPIV.

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

The Web site for a financial services company will include both web-based trading (e-trades) and

the financial research reports to help investors make their decisions. As part of the application

architecture, note the following:

* As the data interchange format between the web-based application and the company


What is used to gather information on a Windows host that will be used for determining the optimum

configuration of an IBM System Storage DS8700?

A. Disk Magic

B. PerfMon

C. iostat

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

Correct Answer: B


A storage specialist needs to create a new host connection using the DSCLI. Which of the following

parameters identifies the host?

A. hosttype

B. volume group

C. ioports


Correct Answer: D