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Which command is used to turn off the front panel attention light for an IBM i partition?

A. WRKPRB (Work Problem)

B. STRSST (Start System Service Tools)

C. RSTATNIND (Reset Attention Indicator)

D. DSPMSG QSYSOPR (Display Messages on QSYSOPR message queue)

Correct Answer: B


A developer is invoking WL.Client.invokeProcedure(invocationData, options), using the options object and

callback functions that are shown below.

Which two statements describe the outcome of this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. The invocationContext will be returned to the success and failure handlers.

B. The function failure will be invoked on client-side errors, however, not invoked on server-side errors.

C. The data returned by the invoked procedure is saved on response.invocationResult in the case of a

successful call.

D. The data returned by the invoked procedure is saved on response.invocationContext in the case of a

successful call.

E. The data returned by the invoked procedure is saved on response.invocationResult in the case of an

unsuccessful call.

Correct Answer: AC


A customer\’s new IBM System Storage DS8000 must be raised by two floors in the building to place it in

the computer room. In order to simplify the physical delivery, the storage specialist asks for .


a quotation for extra delivery services

B. the addition to the configuration of the feature “Shipping weight reduction” at no charge


an order of the DS8000 with the minimum number of drive sets allowed and an MES order for the

remaining drive sets needed


an RPQ order to receive frames and drive sets separately

Correct Answer: B


Consider the following graphic. Where in System i Navigator Management Central are the message monitors configured?

A. Message

B. Commands

C. Extreme Support

D. Collection Services

Correct Answer: A


A developer writes a Worklight push notification application and creates the following: 1.An event source

2.An adapter to retrieve the notification from the event source 3.A function to notify the user device 4.A

function to handle the arriving notification Which two actions still need to be done? (Choose two.)

A. Deploy the adapter to the server.

B. Deploy the event source to the server.


Create a function to verify the user device.

D. Create a function to subscribe to the event source.

E. Register the event source for the device on the console.

Correct Answer: AD