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A solution implementer needs to add custom headers required by the back-end system to all

request messages. A stylesheet based Transform action is used to add the necessary headers.

Which DataPower capabilities can the solution implementer use to verify that the required headers

have been added properly? (choose 2)

A. The Headers tab in the service to view the Header Injection parameters.

B. The multi-step probe to check the values in the Headers tab before and after the Transform


C. Debug logging at the backend service to confirm that the necessary header values have been


D. to print the header values to the audit log file and check the audit log file during


E. to print the header values to the system log file and check the system log file

during testing.

Answer: B,E



A client has an existing Logical Partition (LPAR) on a p650 running AIX 5.2 and will be porting

this LPAR to a p5 590. A mksysb has been run to tape, and a compatible tape drive is available

and allocated to the target LPAR on the p5 590. What additional resource needs to be available

on the p5 590?

A. A CD or DVD with installation media

B. An internal SCSI adapter in the target LPAR

C. An Ethernet adapter for access to an FTP server

D. Advanced Power Virtualization feature of the p5 590

Answer: A


A coach view was created for a company that displays an image. Within the coach view, the stock Image

coach view is used and its binding is a managed asset web file. The company has requested that this

coach view be able to display different managed asset web files based on user feedback. Assuming that

client side JavaScript will be used within the coach view\’s change event handler and that the asset name is

stored in a variable named companyImage, which code fragment will retrieve the URL of a managed


A. this.context.get(companyImage, “WEB”)

B. this.context.options.get(companyImage, “WEB”)

C. tw.system.model.findManagedFileByPath(companyImage, TWManagedFile.Types.Web )

D. com_ibm_bpm_coach.getManagedAssetUrl(companyImage,


Correct Answer: D


An administrator needs to see the system assigned job number and percent of processing unit time attributed to all jobs currently running.

Which steps should the administrator take to accomplish this?

A. WRKJOB JOB(t), option 3 to display job run attributes

B. WRKACTJOB and press P11 two times to Display Thread Data

C. WRKSYSACT INFTYPF(*JOBS) and press PIO to update the list

D. WRKSYSSTS and press P19 to display Extended System Status

Correct Answer: B


How does provisioning take place in a hybrid cloud environment?

A. A rule-based workflow is usually in place which determines the best location for the workload.

B. Workloads are always provisioned on the public cloud when the private cloud is out of capacity.

C. Workloads can be provisioned anywhere as long as the monitoring data can be integrated in a

single dashboard.

D. Hybrid cloud environments have dedicated resource pools for provisioning storage and

compute for each workload.

Answer: A