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A system administrator received a message that the System prerequisites check failed during the

installation of the WebSphere Application server V6 Network Deployment package. Which log file

should the system administrator review to find more information about the failure?

A. SystemOut.log under\logs directory

B. Log.txt under \logs directory

C. Lo.txt under system temp directory

D. SystemErr.log under \logs directory

Answer: C


After installing IBM i 7.1 on a brand new system, only the QSECOFR user profile can login on the system console. The administrator copied the QSECOFR profile into a new user profile. When attempting to login with the new user profile, the following error is displayed:

“CPF1110 not authorized to work station.”

What is causing the error?

A. The DST Console type was not set during installation of the Os.

B. The QLMT5ECOFR system value is set to require explicit device access.

C. The limit device session parameter (LMTDEV55N) on the new user profile is set to tYE5.

D. The system does not allow automatic workstation device creation for users with *ALLOBJ authority.

Correct Answer: B


The solution implementer wants to create a web service that uses SOAP over HTTP on the front

end, and WebSphere MQ on the back end to integrate with an existing legacy application. The

solution implementer wants to add a new WSDL to the existing web service proxy service to route

traffic to an MQ queue. How does the solution implementer meet this requirement?

A. Use the Backend URL MQ helper to build the proper back end URL.

B. Add the new WSDL and use the endpoint referenced by the WSDL.

C. Add the new WSDL and create a new back end URL using the dpmq:// syntax.

D. Add the new service operations to the existing WSDL and create a new MQ back end URL.

Answer: C



How do you stop recording?

A. click the Stop button in the Recording Session view

B. close the Recording Session view

C. close the browser or click the blue Stop button

D. close the browser and click the blue Stop button

Answer: C


A retailer has a simple fulfillment network with one internal distribution center (DC). The retailer

would now like to introduce a new line of merchandise that will be shipped directly to the customer

by a third party logistics (3PL) facility. How should the sourcing rules be set up to accommodate

the new line of merchandise?

A. Since the third party logistics facility ships only the new line of merchandise, the 3PL ship node

can be specified on the order lines containingthese items.

B. The sourcing rule should be set up so all items will be shipped from both the 3PL and the

internal DC. The product will automatically chooseonly one ship node per order line.

C. Item classification-based sourcing rule can be defined so only items belonging to the new line

get sourced from the 3PL while the other itemsget sourced from the internal DC.

D. The 3PL and internal DC should be assigned priorities so the cost to fulfill an internal item will

be cheapest from the DC and the cost to fulfillthe new line of merchandise will be cheapest from

the 3PL node.

Answer: C