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Which statement is true about a network attached storage (NAS) filer backing up the data to the

tape library?

A. The NAS filer must be declared within the SAN fabric.

B. The NAS filer must have a fiber host bus adapter installed.

C. A path from the NAS filer to the tape device must be created.

D. A SCSI tape drive must be cabled to the back of the NAS filer.

Answer: C


Companycom wants to deploy WebSphere in an HACMP environment, running on two servers in

LPARs. These servers will also host the test and dev LPARs. The customer would like to use the

test and dev resources to support an HACMP failover. What is the best way to accomplish this


A. Run the test and dev LPARs in an uncapped mode

B. Activate COD resources if a failover should occur

C. Use DLPAR to move resources between the test and dev and the HACMP LPAR

D. Stop the test and dev environments, bring up new profile for HACMP failover

Answer: C


A group of companies that currently processes purchase orders (POs) using XML has set up a

B2B trading community in order to exchange the POs. Which of the following XML technologies

would provide the MOST benefits?

A. Use published DTD5 to standardize the P0 format.

B. Use XML Query to retrieve POs from another company


What must be specified to create an extent pool?

A. blocksize, rank group, and name


storage type, rank group, and name


storage type, capacity, and rank group


capacity, name, and storage type

Correct Answer: B


A hybrid mobile application named App1 is failing to connect to the Worklight Server with the following

error code: “Application Error – The connection to the server was unsuccessful” Knowing that the

application should be available at “http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl” but without any access to the Worklight

Console, how can the support engineer ensure that the application App1 has been properly deployed?

A. Query the is-alive URL at “http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl/ws/rest/vitality?app=App1”

B. Query the preview URL at “http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl/apps/services/preview/App1/App1.html”

C. Invoke the Worklight Server Mobile Browser Simulator


D. Use a remote debugging tool such as Weinre or iWebInspector to inspect the request to the

application\’s init resource at”http://srv.ent.com:9099/wl/apps/services/api/App1/common/init”

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Correct Answer: A