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A POWER7 customer using disk adapters with RAID-5 and hot spare has noticed sudden and significant performance problems with an LPAR. WRKDSKSTS followed by Fl 1 shows the disk units as “DEGRADED”. The customer has attempted to check the RAID card battery in Service Tools but it is not listed. What is the cause of the degraded status?

A. One of the power supplies in the disk drawer has failed.

B. The cache battery is in the 90-day replacement warning state.

C. The pairing of the RAID cards is broken, so the RAID cache is not in use.

D. The hot spare has taken over for a failed drive and is awaiting replacement.

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

1. Using YourCo marketplace, companies can quickly search and locate products and services


2. Once a company finds a products or service suitable for their need, the company can solicit

pricing information (quotations) from various sellers.

3. Multiple sellers of a same kind product or service can bid to sell a product.

4. Once the company finalizes the desired product(s), price and seller, it notifies the seller sends

an invoice to the customer.

5. The marketplace interacts with banks on behalf of the sellers and buyers to execute the

financial transitions of an exchange.

XML will be used extensively for data exchange between heterogeneous entities.

It has been decided that rather than writing an XML Schema for the project, a DTD will be used.

Which of the following are problems that an XML developer may run into when trying to

implement this system?

A. Additional effort will be required to process date elements as required by banking officials.

B. A unique id attribute will need to be created in order to identity each and every seller/buyer.

C. The use of namespaces will be kept to a minimum.

D. Enumerations values to ensure buyer and sellers will use the same currency as payments

and accepting payments.

Answer: A, C


What is one reason the customer should install IBM DS8000 Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for

the Call Home function?

A. to avoid using a more expensive dial-up modem — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

B. to load new licensed internal code

C. to achieve more efficient and faster problem resolution

D. to enable capacity on demand

Correct Answer: C


After installation of Licensed internal code (LIC) and the base operating system, the administrator IPLs with “B Normal”. After the IPL completes, the administrator received the following message when attempting to complete the installation:

CPF3D8F: Cannot install library QGPL.

What is wrong and what must the administrator do to continue the installation?

A. Subsystems other than the controlling subsystem are running.End all subsystems and start installing the licensed programs again.

B. The IPL partition settings were not correct.Change the settings to “A Manual”, IPL the system again, then start installing the licensed programs.

C. The IPL should not have been run until the installation of licensed programs was successfully completed. Start the process again from the beginning.

D. The option to install the library QGPL was skipped during installation of the base operating system. Run the installation process again, install the QGPL library, and then continue the installation.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator created and tested a CL program to perform a nightly backup of an in-house application. The program adopts authority of the owner who is a user with *SAVSYS special authority.

The administrator can run the program without error. However, when any member of the OPERATOR group attempts to use the program, an error occurs.

Which action will correct the problem and maintain system security with least effort?

A. Grant the operators *ALLOBJ authority.

B. Change the authority on the library and program to PUBLIC *ALL.

C. Grant the operator group profile *USE authority to the program.

D. Use the Grant User Authority command (GRTUSRAUT) and specify the OPERATOR group as the referenced user.

Correct Answer: C