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Companycom has successfully established their p5 LPAR environment on a POWER5 p5 590

running AIX 5.2. They are now ready to move to Virtual IO. What would be required to do Virtual


A. Apply APAR IY62262 to the current AIX 5.2 Maintenance level 04. Virtual IO Server is not


B. Purchase Advanced POWER Virtualization software, upgrade to AIX 5.3 maintenance level 1

and apply APAR IY60349. Virtual IO Server is not required.

C. Verify that there are enough resources to add a Virtual IO Server, upgrade to AIX 5.3 with

APAR IY60349, create a Virtual IO Server after applying APAR IY62262.

D. Verify that there are enough resources to add a Virtual IO Server, create a Virtual IO Server

and apply APAR IY62262, verify that the system is at AIX 5.2 with Maintenance level 04.

Answer: C


What is the resulting file if an administrator runs the pdbackup utility on December 22, 2005

at 10:22 in the morning with these options on a Windows environment?pdbackup -a backup

-list \ c:\program files\tivoli\policy director\etc\pdbackup.lst

A. c:\program files\tivoli\policy director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.zip

B. c:\program files\tivoli\policy director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.tar

C. c:\program files\tivoli\policy director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.dar

D. c:\program files\tivoli\policy director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.tar.gz

Answer: C



A system administrator is working in a federated cell with Global security enabled. The system

administrator wants to use various command line tools to manage the application servers. All of

the following command line tools require the system administrator to provide a username and

password EXCEPT:

A. startServer

B. stopServer

C. wsadmin

D. stopManager

Answer: A


While updating an enterprise application on a production cluster running across multiple

machines, a system administrator must ensure that the application relains available at all times to

the users. After updating the application components, what srep can be used to accomplish this


A. On the last page of the Enterprise Application -> Update wizard, click Rollout Update

B. Select System Administration -> Nodes, select node names and click Full Resynchronize

C. Select Enterprise Application -> [application name] -> Stop and then Enterprise Applications >[

application name] -> Start

D. Select Servers -> Clusters ->[clustername] -> RippleStart

Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to configure a front side handler in a multi-protocol gateway service that only

accepts messages from applications servers that are in the subnet. What can the solution

implementer configure in a front side handler to restrict messages to the subnet?

A. Specify a Local IP Address of

B. Specify a Port Number to a value in the ephemeral port range

C. Specify an Access Control List with an entry of “allow”

D. Specify a SSL Proxy Profile that requires a client side certificate signed by a trusted certificate authority

Correct Answer: C