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Which of the following statements is NOT a capability of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?

A. CSS has a rule-based syntax that is non-XML.

B. CSS has some of the same styling capabilities offered by XSL-FO.

C. CSS supports right-to-left text.

D. CSS can be used when the structure of the source document is very close to the final display


Answer: C


A customer has two data centers, 500 kilometers apart. The customer requests a proposal for new

storage subsystems and a disaster recovery solution that provides consistent data in the event of a

disaster at the local site. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 solution should the storage specialist

propose to the client?

A. Metro/Global Mirror

B. Metro Mirror

C. Global Copy

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D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: D


A group of companies want to define an XML vocabulary for exchanging catalog information

among them using XML. The companies want to have a single vocabulary that would allow each

company to provide some extra information that it wants to keep in its catalog entries. Which of

the following XML technologies can be used to solve this problem?

A. Document Object Model

B. XML Infoset

C. XML Namespaces

D. XML Schema

Answer: C, D


A multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service is configured to convert an XML message to a non-XML

message for the backend service. The processing policy needs to transform the request to a non- XML

message using a WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) map and route the message to the backend

service. What transform-type action does the solution implementer configure in the processing policy to

satisfy this requirement?

A. Transform (xform)

B. Transform binary (xformbin)

C. Conformance transform (conformance-xform)

D. Processing instruction-based transform (xformpi)

Correct Answer: B


A developer writes a Worklight push notification application and creates the following: 1.An event source

2.An adapter to retrieve the notification from the event source 3.A function to notify the user device 4.A

function to handle the arriving notification Which two actions still need to be done? (Choose two.)

A. Deploy the adapter to the server.

B. Deploy the event source to the server.


Create a function to verify the user device.

D. Create a function to subscribe to the event source.

E. Register the event source for the device on the console.

Correct Answer: AD