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A customer has created a multi-protocol gateway with a request type of JSON. Within the request

rule, an action needs access to the input in JSONx format. What are the possible ways that a

solution implementer can retrieve this data in XML? (choose two)

A. Set the Convert Input property in the Advanced tab to On.

B. Set the action\’s input context to the value \’__JSONASJSONX\’.

C. Insert a Fetch action, and select JSONx as the Output Type on the Advanced tab.

D. Insert a Transform action, and select store:///jsontojsonx.xsl from the drop-down list.

E. Insert a Convert query parameters to XML (convert-http) action, and select a Default Encoding

of \’JSON\’ in the Input Conversion Map.

Answer: B,E



After the completion of several tasks, an order shipping process for electronic devices must wait to receive

a message from a separate inventory replenishment process before proceeding to an activity for order

delivery. How should the BPM application developer implement the receive message event?

A. As an Ad-hoc event.

B. As a message start event.

C. As an intermediate event in the process flow.

D. As an intermediate event attached to the order delivery activity.

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Correct Answer: C


A secured network is being set up between an external Web server and the application server\’s

embedded web server. Given that mutual SSL authentication is a required part of the process,

which of the following configuration steps needs to be selected?


B. Both Server and Client authentication

C. Cluster authentication

D. Client authentication only

Answer: D


Companycom is considering a partitioned solution with one of the LPARs utilizing 12 CPUs.

Multiple applications will be loaded on this large LPAR. However, the customer wants to ensure

some tasks will have higher priority access to the CPU and memory resources. Which of the

following solutions would best satisfy the requirement?

A. Loadleveler

B. AIX Workload Manager

C. Partition Load Manager

D. Tivoli Provisioning Manager

Answer: B


A system administrator notices that web requests are falling on a particular application server

which has already started. Which log files should be reviewed for application server errors?

A. SystemErr.log.SystemOut.log

B. startServer.log. stopServer.log.System Err.log.SystemOu.log

C. SystemOut.log

D. SystemErr.log

Answer: A