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An administrator has setup three partitions using shared pool with 2 processing units. They are

activated in the following sequence: Partition one: Min. = 1.0, max = 2.0, desired = 1.5 Partition

two: Min. = 1.0, max = 2.0, desired = 1.0 Partition three: Min. = 0.1, max = 1.0, desired = 0.8

What is the outcome?

A. Partition one starts and has 2.0 processors allocated. Partition two does not start. Partition

three does not start.

B. Partition one starts and has 1.0 processors allocated. Partition two starts and has 1.0

allocated. Partition three does not start.

C. Partition one starts and has 1.5 processors allocated. Partition two does not start. Partition

three starts and has 0.8 processors allocated capacity.

D. Partition one starts and has 1.5 processors allocated. Partition two does not start. Partition

three starts and has an allocated capacity of 0.5 processors.

Answer: D


A developer wants to implement an adapter authentication solution. The developer created the following

challenge handler:

What should be placed in the “to be filled” parameter?

A. realm name

B. module name

C. procedure name

D. security test name

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Correct Answer: A


A proposed WebSphere cell contains about 25 nodes. The environment will be horizontally and

vertically scaled and can potentially grow over time. What strategy for HTTP Session persistence

would work BEST for this situation?

A. Database session persistence

B. Memory-t-Memory replication in a peer-to-peer topology

C. Local sessions

D. Peer-to-Peer session persistence

Answer: A


On a system with a single ASP, an I/O intensive batch job that normally completes in 30 minutes is still running after 2 hours. CPU utilization on the system is less than 10% and memory is not constrained. The WRKDSKSTS command shows the following: What should be administrator do to improve performance?

A. Run Start Disk Reorganization (STRDSKRGZ)

B. Run ASP Balancing with a Balance Type of *MOVDTA

C. RUN Reclaim Storage with a Select Type of * RSMLAC

D. Run ASP Balancing with a Balance Type of *CAPACITY

Correct Answer: D


An administrator is attempting to configure a new deployment of 56 POWER7 Blades across 4 IBM

BladeCenter H chassis. Each blade will be installed with an IVM and 2 LPARs.IVM is installed and the

administrator checks that both LHEA ports are reporting a Link State of “Up.” 2 LPARs are created and the

network traffic balanced by allocating one LHEA port to the first LPAR, the second port to the other. After

successfully installing the first LPAR via NIM, the administrator finds the second LPAR fails to netboot.

What should the administrator verify on the BladeCenter Chassis?

A. That 4 power supplies (PSU) have been installed.

B. That both the external LHEA ports have been cabled.

C. That a secondary I/O module has been installed and cabled.

D. That the Multi-Core Scaling (MCS) attribute is correctly set on both LHEA ports.

Correct Answer: C