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A client needs to add a third Fiber Channel Adapter (HBA) to communicate with tape resources

on a Logical Partition (LPAR). An empty slot has previously been assigned to the partition. What

command would the administrator use to determine which slot is empty so that the hot-add tools

can be used?

A. lsslot -c pci

B. lsdev -Cc slot

C. lsattr -El adapter

D. lscfg -v |grep pci

Answer: A


A customer has a mission-critical application with redundant fabrics. The customer plans to replace older

EMC Symmetrix 8830 systems with an IBM System Storage DS8700 and an IBM SAN Volume Controller

(SVC). Which statement best describes the way to minimize the impact of data migration on the production


A. the production environment does not require an outage

B. the production environment requires an outage to install the SVC

C. the production environment requires an outage to install the DS8700

D. the production environment requires an outage to remove the EMC systems

Correct Answer: B


Not every name space can be dumped using the dumpNameSpace utility. Using wsadmin, the

NameServer MBean can be invoked to dump these name spaces. All of the following can be

dumped with the NameServer MBean EXCEPT.

A. Name space java

B. Name space local

C. Name space Server

D. Name space jdbc.

Answer: D


A customer has an existing IBM System Storage DS8700 2-way model with 8 mega packs of 300 GB disks

and 16 fibre ports. How many additional fibre ports and mega packs can be installed in the base frame?

A. 16fibre ports and 0 mega packs

B. 4fibre ports and 8 mega packs

C. 8fibre ports and 4 mega packs

D. 12fibre ports and 0 mega packs

Correct Answer: A


XML is going to be used in a B2B application to exchange human-resources data between

multiple organizations. Each organization keeps its data in different forms, and produces different

reports. Which of the following issues would present the greatest challenges for the XML project?

A. Each corporation has its own non-XML record structure for this data.

B. Each corporation wants to display the records in a different layout in its intranet applications.

C. Some corporations will be sending a lot more data than others.

D. The corporations are not using the same operating systems or middleware platforms.

Answer: A