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Which of the following are considered by the DOM API to be a leaf-level node without any child


A. Text

B. Element

C. Entity

D. EntityReference

E. Processinglnstruction

Answer: A, E


Which file contains the errors from a Backup-Archive client archive operation?

A. dsm.opt

B. archive.log

C. dsmerror.log

D. archiveerror.log

Answer: C


A mainframe customer would like to receive a proposal for a mainframe storage system with 120 TB raw

capacity. The mainframe server load is not too high, and they need hard disk drives with the lowest

possible power consumption to keep operating costs low. The customer will not increase the capacity of

their mainframe applications in the future but rather invest later into their System p servers. Which of the

following solutions best meets these requirements at the lowest cost?

A. offer a DS8700 system with 600 GB FC drives

B. offer a DS8800 system with standard cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

C. offer a DS8800 system with business class cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

D. offer a DS8800 system with SATA drives

Correct Answer: C


A JDBC provider has been defined at both the cell and node scope. Duplicate datasources have

been defined at both levels. An application has defined the same provider and datasource as part

of an Enhanced EAR file. Which datasource will be used by the application?

A. The datasource defined on the JDBC provider at the cell scope.

B. The datasource defined in the Enhanced EAR file.

C. The datasource defined at the node scope.

D. No datasource will be used as the server and will not start when duplicate resources are


Answer: B


As a result of an acquisition, an administrator is planning to consolidate some single-LPAR POWER6 520

servers onto an existing POWER7 server.

The administrator is attempting to make these 520 systems HMC-managed.

The network connection between the 520 system and an existing operational HMC have been verified and

checked. However the POWER6 machines fail to appear on the HMC panels.

What is the most likely resolution for this issue?

A. The POWER6 boxes need to be reset back to factory defaults.

B. The Flexible Service Processor (FSP) needs to be reset on each POWER6 520.

C. Upgrade to either PowerVM Standard or Enterprise edition.

D. Power cycle the physical system.

Correct Answer: B