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If Tivoli Common Directory is enabled as the preferred logging mechanism on a Linux-

based operating system, which default directory contains the Policy Server serviceability


A. /var/PolicyDirector/logs

B. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/logs/

C. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/HPD/logs

D. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/AWD/logs

Answer: C



A prospective customer has selected Fiber Channel (FC) for performance reasons. The prospect

does not appear to understand the terminology and options of the fiber channel but is very

interested in learning before investing money in this technology. What steps should be taken to

make sure the customer is satisfied with the solution?

A. Send customer links to documentation for the FC components included in the solution

B. Direct the customer to Red Books and White Papers on FC technologies

C. Work with business partner to include Lab Services engagement to setup FC environment and

perform knowledge transfer

D. Switch toiSCSI

Answer: C


Journaling of a large library is running on SYSTEMA and the journal is system managed. Remote

journaling to

SYSTEMB has been configured. Due to a communications problem between SYSTEMA and SYSTEMB,

remote journaling is not working and cannot be quickly restarted.

Disk utilization on SYSTEMA is increasing rapidly. To reduce disk utilization the administrator tries to

delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA. Attempts fail and the following message displays:

CPF705F: Receiver not replicated to 1 remote journals.

What must the administrator do to delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA?

A. Delete and recreate only the journal, and then delete the receivers.

B. Stop journaling, as this must be ended first, and then delete the receivers.

C. Use the DLTJRNRCV command and change the delete option parameter to ignore target receivers.

D. Use the CHGJRN command to change the Manage Receivers parameter to allow user management of journal receivers and then delete the receivers.

Correct Answer: C


To optimize performance on an IBM System Storage DS8000, the input/output activity should be spread

across .

A. multiple LUNs in a single array

B. multiple switches

C. multiple host bus adapters

D. multiple internal servers

Correct Answer: C


An application\’s authenticationConfig.xml file contains the following configuration:

Which action must the developer perform to support the configuration?

A. Write a custom login module using the NonValidatingLoginModule.

B. Create a com.worklight.integration.auth.AdapterAuthenticator class for credential verification.

C. Create the SingleStepAuthAdapter and implement the onAuthRequired and onLogout functions.

D. Use the WL.Client.createChallengeHandler method in client application to send the credentials to the


Correct Answer: C