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Which of the Following MUST be present in every SOAP request?

A. SOAP Envelope SOAP Header, SOAP Body

B. SOAP Header, SOAP Body

C. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Body

D. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Header

Answer: C


The element of an HTTP adapter that is accessing a back-end RESTful service is defined

as follows:

Which additional element must be defined as part of the element?

A. element, to define the user credentials

B. element, to declare the procedures for this adapter

C. element, to specify the path to the RESTful service and its query parameters

D. element, to limit the number of concurrent connections to the back-end

Correct Answer: D


An application uses commitment control and has the following attributes: Physical files in library: APDATA Logical files in library: APLE Journals in library: APJRN Journal receivers in APJRNPCV

Application objects must be saved at a transaction boundary.

Which parameter of the SAVLIB command of the following supports this requirement?





Correct Answer: D


Tiered disk systems (DS8700 and DS5020), tape backup and Cisco director(s) utilizing VSANs have been

proposed as a solution. The storage specialist is asked to explain the technical advantage of using Cisco

directors and VSANs. Which of the following is the key point to stress to the customer?


a single director and VSANs provides redundant fabrics at reasonable cost

B. prevent disk and tape traffic from sharing a host port


ease of implementation of Administrative Domains

D. ability to easily create a DS8700 LPAR to send data directly to tape

Correct Answer: B


A customer has applications on multiple IBM i partitions that still use green screen access. The customer needs to configure a menu option that will transfer users from partition A to partition B without requiring them to sign on to partition B. The users have identical user IDs and passwords on all partitions.

What should the administrator do to allow the customer to meet the requirement?

A. Create a CL program for each user that has their user ID and password embedded in the TELNET command.

B. Create a CL program for each user that has their user ID and password embedded in the STRPASTHR command.

C. Configure the APPN connection between the partitions to be a secure connection. Set the System value QRETSVRSEC to “1” on partition A.

D. Configure the APPC connection between the partitions to be a secure connection. Set the system value QRMTSIGN to *VERIEY on partition B.

Correct Answer: D