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An administrator is setting up a new Power 720 server with LAN Console for the first time. The connection will use a dual port Ethernet card located in a PCIe card slot.

After the Operations Console software is installed, the PC is cabled to the server and TCP/IP connections are configured, the server is powered on.

What must the administrator do to complete the LAN Console configuration process?

A. IPL the system to B Manual mode and configure the console device.

B. Move the console and server network cables to the primary network.

C. IPL the system in normal mode, start DST and sign in with 1111111.

D. Set the console adapter location using the control panel functions.

Correct Answer: D


When using XSLT, if expected items are missing in the output, what is the MOST likely cause?

A. The XPath expression in the select part of the tab is not formed


B. The XSLT processor is not properly configured.

C. The XML parser is not passing the entire XSLT style sheet to the XSLT processor.

D. The wrong XSLT style sheet is being used.

Answer: A


Which of the Following MUST be present in every SOAP request?

A. SOAP Envelope SOAP Header, SOAP Body

B. SOAP Header, SOAP Body

C. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Body

D. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Header

Answer: C


All IBM-supplied user profiles and administrators\’ profiles in a system have inadvertently been disabled and an administrator needs to regain access into the system.

What should the administrator do?

A. Sign on to the system console as user QSECOFR.

B. Reinstall the system License Internal Code to reset the QSECOFR profile.

C. Use Function 21 on the control panel 7 times to reset the QSECOFR profile.

D. Sign on with any user that has *JOBCTL authority and CALL QIBMSECRST (`QSECOFR\’ *DEFAULT 1).

Correct Answer: A


A customer is planning a combined solution of a 2 node SVC and DS8700 with 128×300 GB FC disks.

During the TDA the reviewer compares the machine configuration with the customer\’s expectations. Which

of the following customer requirements must be considered?

A. the number of SAN ports required by the solution

B. thin provisioning is mandatory


the solution needs to support RAID 0

D. the solution needs to be supported by the VMware Site Recovery Manager

Correct Answer: A