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The storage specialist needs to prepare an IBM System Storage DS8800 proposal including 64 host ports.

The offer needs to meet the lowest possible price. What is the minimum number of I/O Enclosure Pairs

PCI-E for this configuration?

A. one I/O enclosure pair PCI-E

B. two I/O enclosure pairs PCI-E

C. four I/O-enclosure pairs PCI-E

D. eight I/O-enclosure pairs PCI-E

Correct Answer: B


When can a Data Replication Domino be created from the WebSphere Application Server V6

administrative console?

A. While adding a new cluster member to the cluster or clicking on Cluster member -> Replication

Domino -> New

B. While creating the cluster or clicking on Environment -> Replication Domino -> New

C. While configuring session management on each cluster member or clicking on Resources ->

Replication Domain -> New

D. The administrative console does not support creation of the Data Replication Domain at this


Answer: B


The solution implementer wants to create a web service that uses SOAP over HTTP on the front

end, and WebSphere MQ on the back end to integrate with an existing legacy application. The

solution implementer wants to add a new WSDL to the existing web service proxy service to route

traffic to an MQ queue. How does the solution implementer meet this requirement?

A. Use the Backend URL MQ helper to build the proper back end URL.

B. Add the new WSDL and use the endpoint referenced by the WSDL.

C. Add the new WSDL and create a new back end URL using the dpmq:// syntax.

D. Add the new service operations to the existing WSDL and create a new MQ back end URL.

Answer: C



The loss prevention team uses a custom java program to analyze potentially fraudulent returns in

the stores. They now want the program to also be able to get the list of return orders within the

Sterling Order Management system with a refund amount exceeding $250. Due to technological

barriers, the java program cannot use web service or JMS-based integration. What is the most

effective way of integrating the custom java program with Sterling?

A. By using the createEnvironment API, the custom java program can invoke the getOrderList API


B. The API tester can be used to invoke the getOrderList API and the results can be sent via email

to the loss prevention team.

C. A stored procedure can be written that will extract the order data from the database and write to

a local file that can be picked up by the custom program.

D. A service can be created to invoke the custom program that can be invoked from within the

Service Definition Framework, and the order xml can be passed as an argument to the service.

Answer: A



A system administrator has been requested to package an enterprise application so that all of its

required resource definitions are contained in the Enterprise Archive (EAR) File. How can this

task be accomplished by using the Application Server Toolkit (AST)?

A. While running in AST, configure the application resources using the administrative console,

then export an Enhanced EAR file.

B. While using AST, import the EAR file into the workspace of the Resources perspective, import

a previously configured resource .xml file and export an Enhanced EAR file.

C. While using AST, open the application\’s deployment descriptor editor. Switch to the

Deployment page, define the needed resources and export the Enhanced EAR file.

D. Using AST, open each module of the application and define the required resources. Include

the configured modules in an enterprise application project and export an Enhanced EAR file.

Answer: C