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Which three message types are defined by WebSEAL\’s local response redirect? (Choose


A. LG – login form

B. IN – information messages

C. AA – another auto message

D. PW – password management

E. IV – intraverse status messages

F. PD – policy director description message

Answer: A,B,D



How can an administrator prevent users with *SECADM and *ALLOBJ authority from changing the security related system values?

A. Using SST set the “Allow system value security changes” parameter to 2 (NO).

B. Register a custom program which blocks the CHGSYSVAL command to the QIBM_QS V_SECURITY Exit Point.

C. Change the default for the SYSSECVAL parameter of the Change System Value (CHGSYSVAL) command to *REVOKE.

D. Run Change Security Attributes (CHGSECA) command with the System value security (SYS VALSEC) parameter set to *NO.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator is preparing an LPAR for Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and needs to move its storage to

external storage. After creating the virtual Fibre Channel adapter on the LPAR, the zoning between the

LPAR and the storage is established. What needs to be considered when zoning the storage?

A. Both WWPNs need to be zoned for the same LUNs for LPM to function properly.

B. The second WWPN should be zoned to a redundant switch for resilience.

C. The two WWPNs can be used to zone different LUNs to the same server.

D. The second WWPN must be zoned if multiple paths are being defined.

Correct Answer: A


What is the file extension of backups created with pdbackup on a UNIX operating system?

A. .gz

B. .zip

C. .tar

D. .gzip

Answer: C



A VIO server has been installed using local storage. Which padmin command will make rootvg redundant?

A. mirrorvg

B. mirrorios

C. mirrorpa

D. mirroros

Correct Answer: B