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Which stanza within the webseald.conf is responsible for management page root?

A. [lib-html]

B. [acnt-mgt]

C. [content-page]

D. [mgt-pages-root]

Answer: D



A solution implementer has been tasked with monitoring a service and filtering requests based on

how long an external backend service takes to respond. The solution implementer has chosen to

use the message duration monitor in the DataPower service. Which “measure” value must the

solution implementer configure to satisfy this requirement?

A. Server

B. Requests

C. Messages

D. Responses

Answer: A



A solution implementer is creating a multi-protocol gateway to proxy SFTP server requests. An AAA Policy

is configured on the SFTP front side handler to provide user authentication for the SFTP connection.

Which Extract Identity method should the solution implementer configure in the AAA Policy to extract the

SFTP user\’s credentials?

A. Client IP Address method.

B. Processing Metadata method, specifying the sftp-metadata metadata item.

C. Processing Metadata method, specifying the ssh-password-metadata metadata item.

D. Custom Template method, specifying a url to a custom stylesheet that will determine the credentials.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is attempting to restore an application compiled at IBM i 6.1 to a production system running IBM i 7.1. While other programs compiled at IBM i 6.1 restored without issue, one program fails to restore on the production system even though it successfully restored to the test system.

What should the administrator do to resolve the problem?

A. Change the system value QERCCVNRST to 2.

B. Change the system value QALWOBJRST to *ALWPGMADP.

C. Change the FRCOBJCVN parameter of the RSTLIB command to *YES.

D. Recompile the program on the test system, and then migrate it to the production system.

Correct Answer: B


A customer has two data centers, 500 kilometers apart. The customer requests a proposal for new

storage subsystems and a disaster recovery solution that provides consistent data in the event of a

disaster at the local site. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 solution should the storage specialist

propose to the client?

A. Metro/Global Mirror

B. Metro Mirror

C. Global Copy

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D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: D