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The solution implementer configured a multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to process WebSphere MQ

messages using the same MQ queue manager object for both the front end and back end. A request rule

in the processing policy sends a message to queue A and then to queue B in a single transaction by using

a “Result Action”. The MQ URL for the back end contains the “Transactional=true” tag. The output type of

the “Result Actions” is set as “Binary” and the OUTPUT context has a named variable. What are the

additional configuration options that the solution implementer needs to guarantee message delivery for

both back-end queues? Specifically, if any one message fails, the entire transaction will roll back.

A. Configure two phase commit in the backend WebSphere MQ queue manager.

B. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = off ” in the MQ queue manager object.

C. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = on”; “Backout Threshold” and “Backout

Queue” defined in the MQ queue manager object.

D. DataPower cannot support this use case as an MQ queue manager object only works with global


Correct Answer: C


What utilities are available to monitor the Virtual IO Server performance?

A. sar, top and mon

B. ioo, vmo and topas

C. ifconfig and traceroute

D. Performance Toolbox Agent and Manager

Answer: B


The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite is to be deployed on WebSphere Application Server

and use the Application Server Connection Pooling for accessing the database. In which property

file does the datasource name need to be defined?

A. yfs.properties

B. jdbc.properties

C. dbclassCache.properties

D. customer_overrides.properties

Answer: D



Which property file is used by IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite to invoke the external

LDAP properties?

A. yfs.properties

B. servers.properties

C. security.properties

D. customer_overrides.properties

Answer: D



An application vendor has shipped a save file with the source member for a new program. The administrator restored the new source member into the existing source file, but when checking the source file after the restore discovered that all of the previous source members were missing.

Which parameter of the Restore Object (RSTOBJ) command would have allowed the administrator to restore the new member without losing the existing members?





Correct Answer: A