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The following exhibit shows a SAML version 1.1 assertion that is generated in the post-processing step of

an access control policy.


The DataPower appliance firmware version 5.0.0.x only supports SAML Assertion version 2 and



The Assertion element defines the SAML assertion as version 2.

The NameIdentifier for user authentication for this SAML example is admin.

The SubjectConfirmation element directs confirmation to the oasis namespace.


The Conditions elements defines a window of time in which this statement is valid.

Within the authentication statement, the Subject element describes the identity of the client trough a

name identifier element.

The SubjectConfirmation element describes which party backs up the claim.


The Conditions element defines a window of time in which this statement is expired.

Within the authentication statement, the Subject element describes the login information into the

backend authentication server.

The SubjectLocality element describes the location of the correct IP Address.

Correct Answer: C

QUESTION NO:160 — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

A developer wants to test a hybrid application on a physical iOS device. The developer has enrolled in the

iOS Developer Program and created a provisioning profile. Where should the developer install the

provisioning profile to test the application on a physical iOS device?

A. the Xcode Server

B. the physical device

C. the Apple App Store

D. the Application Center

Correct Answer: B


Which Worklight pre-defined authentication methods can be used to secure an application that does not

require the user to login interactively?

A. Form-based authentication

B. LDAP-based authentication


Header-based authentication — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass


Adapter-based authentication

Correct Answer: C


Which three actions can be done in the Rich Page Editor? (Choose three.)

A. Edit element properties.

B. Compare different skins using the Split view.


Drag from the Palette view to create dojo widgets.

D. Drag from the Palette view to create HTML form tags.

E. Preview the layout with all browsers installed in the local machine.

Correct Answer: ACD


Due to an application problem, management has requested the IPL of a partition running IBM i 7.1. The administrator initiates the IPL, and during the restart phase notices the IPL is running in manual mode even though the HMC partition settings indicate B NORMAL.

Why is the IPL running in manual mode?

A. The PWRDWNSYS command restart parameter is set to *MANUAL.

B. Manual is the default IPL mode when there is a console problem.

C. The QIPLTYPE system value is set to “Attended IPL, Console in debug mode”.

D. Manual is the default IPL mode when the previous system end indicator is abnormal.

Correct Answer: C