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Question 1:

A project manager is managing a project to develop a new tool Because of the nature of the project, the project manager decides to use an agile approach One of the identified risks becomes an issue when the project manager finds out that another company patented a very similar tool.

What should the project manager do to address this issued

A. Schedule a meeting with critical stakeholders to review the issue and decide on the next steps

B. Put the project on hold and release the resources until the issue is resolved

C. Inform the product owner and log the issue in the risk register to monitor closely for next steps.

D. Contact the company that owns the patent of the similar tool to compare the similarities and differences with the current project.

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

In a construction project for a new building, the project manager decides to apply agile principles for the building foundation phase While evaluating the project schedule with the team, the project manager believes that the estimates are inaccurate. How should the project manager address this issue?

A. Create a product backlog

B. Perform sprint reviews with the team

C. Assess the previous project velocity

D. Reduce the story size by splitting stories

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

A project is ready to start, and resources are allocated. The development manager then informs the project manager that a critical resource is no longer available due to a family emergency. The development manager indicates that all other developers have been assigned to other projects, and there is no capacity for any developer to take on additional work.

What should the project manager do next to fulfill this resource need?

A. Determine resource allocation options based on project priority.

B. Apply changes to the existing resource allocations and inform the development manager.

C. Meet with the sponsor to determine how to rebaseline the schedule.

D. Inform the sponsor of the situation and request an extension of the target completion date.

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

At the end of a project, the project manager is asked to submit project documentation for an internal audit in response to regulatory requirements. What should the project manager have done at the beginning of the project to ensure that project documentation would fulfill these requirements?

A. Conducted a document review

B. Confirmed documentation requirements with stakeholders

C. Updated the project templates

D. Implemented a new change control policy

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

A large project is affecting the neighborhood in which it is located The neighbors are not satisfied with the project and their resistance to the project may affect the project deadline What two actions should the project manager take\’? (Choose two)

A. Send letters to the neighbors and ask them kindly not to disturb the project.

B. Set up a meeting with neighborhood representatives to win their cooperation

C. Analyze the situation and find out what is causing the neighborhood\’s negative attitude.

D. Ask the customer to extend the project deadline to allow time for conflict resolution

E. Ask the mayor of the city to use their authority to stop neighborhood resistance

Correct Answer: BC

Question 6:

A project manager is working on a major construction project. Part of the agreed-upon plan was to use a cloud-based system with a server that runs on high-speed internet service since most of the team members work virtually. The company needs to reduce operating costs as much as possible and management insists that the project will now use a system running on a conventional dial-up service.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Evaluate the impact of this decision and communicate with management.

B. Agree with management and continue working the project management plan.

C. Meet with management about their decision and ask them to get another project manager.

D. Replace some of the team members that work virtually to help the company save money.

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

A team has been consistently delivering outcomes. However, based on their current performance, it was discovered that their velocity has decreased by 30%. What should the project manager do to ensure the velocity is under control?

A. Ask the product owner to look at a minimum of four to eight iterations and replan the velocity for the next iteration based on the team\’s current performance.

B. Ask the scrum master to plug gaps in the team\’s performance by adding a team member to compensate for the velocity decrease.

C. Request that the team improve their cycle time to compensate for the velocity decrease.

D. Request the team to improve the lead time, cycle time, and response time individually and track closure.

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

A retail chain is evaluating a project to replace payment systems across all its stores in multiple locations The project does not pass the financial threshold but is also expected to increase market share, improve customer services and retain more customers The project is planned as a phased implementation building on learning from the retrospectives during each phase

How should the business increase the value of the project?

A. Quantify the expected tangible and intangible benefits in the benefits management plan for each phase

B. Ask the benefits owner to reassess the identified risks that are impacting the outcomes of the financial benefits.

C. Consult with experts on methods to reduce costs and increase the financial value of the project

D. Use a fishbone diagram to find the root cause of the lower financial benefits with the benefits owner

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

A project team member is struggling to deliver an assigned task. In a team meeting, the project manager determines that there are other members on the team who have more experience with similar tasks. What should the project manager do?

A. Ask one of the more experienced team members to support the team member with the task.

B. Reassign the task to one of the more experienced project team members for a faster completion of the assigned task.

C. Ask the experienced team members to produce a manual on how to complete the task.

D. Inform the project management office (PMO) of the issue and request a replacement for the less experienced team member.

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

An agile team is in the early phases of the development cycle for a project; however, they have already begun to deliver functionality to the customer. The team has identified risks to the project and are working on developing the mitigation strategy.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Incorporate and prioritize the risks in the risk register according to impact.

B. Escalate the risk to the project sponsor and steering committee.

C. Implement the risk mitigation strategy according to the highest impact.

D. Determine if any of the new risks have any financial impact.

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

An unforeseen event has shut down public works projects for 4 weeks. Activities on the critical path will fall behind based on the project schedule.

What should the project manager do?

A. Add 4 additional weeks to the schedule and request additional resources.

B. Ask the sponsor to obtain a special work permit to continue work.

C. Review the project management plan to see the impact of the possible delay.

D. Crash the resource management plan to keep the schedule on track.

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:


Drag the communication event on the left to the mam subject discussed during the event on the right.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Question 13:

As part of the strategic plan, a company decides to implement a new software platform to manage a centralized document repository. Some requirements are clear and some need more detail. What should the project manager do first to decide how to manage this project?

A. Select a predictive development life cycle based on the team\’s experience

B. Determine the most appropriate life cycle approach for the project

C. Register all requirements into a backlog for further detailed analysis.

D. Split the requirements, put them into two separate projects, and apply different approaches

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

A team needs to follow defined cybersecurity compliance that is mandatory for a customer project. What should the project manager do to monitor compliance in the project?

A. Confer with team members.

B. Review with security experts.

C. Schedule regular project audits.

D. Discuss with the customer.

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

A distributed project team has communication issues because of their collaboration tools. The team feels that efficiency could be improved by changing the collaboration platform.

What should the project manager do?

A. Discuss this with the project team and select the appropriate tools.

B. Inform the project team to continue using the current tools.

C. Implement the communication tools used by other project teams.

D. Escalate the issue to the sponsor and ask them to decide.

Correct Answer: A