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A customer has purchased three IBM System Storage DS8700 systems and would like to have their

administrators trained. Which training alternative provides the necessary training with the least financial


A. purchase the training CD for the disk subsystem and have the staff do self-paced training

B. have the IBM Service Support Representative perform the training

C. contact IBM Education Services for an onsite training class

D. send one person at a time to an IBM training session

Correct Answer: C


An XML development team is faced with the task of repurposing an XML data stream to target

both HTML web pages and hand-held cellular phones. What consideration is MOST likely to

influence the team


Which of the following represents the BEST reason that the Document Object Model (DOM)

might NOT be used in a given XML application?

A. It is permissible that the application be non-validating.

B. The application demands complex processing.

C. The application is subject to significant constraints on memory usage.

D. The architecture requires the use of attributes.

Answer: C


Which URL will connect remotely to the HMC with a host name of HMC for partition management?

A. http://hmc1

B. https://hmc1

C. http://hmc1:2001

D. https://hmc1:2300

Correct Answer: B


How does Worklight handle globalization of application messages?

A. It uses a user-provided JavaScript file.

B. It uses language-specific XML resources.

C. It uses a system-provided globalization file.

D. It uses a native language translation library.

Correct Answer: A