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A customer has a combination of fifteen Windows file servers with direct attached storage and

three Power Systems with AIX database servers SAN attached to a DS4700. They would like to

upgrade and plan for 40 TB capacity. The customer needs to move to a more scalable storage

system to include all servers. Which of the following would be most appropriate to ask first?

A. What are the plans for Disaster Recovery?

B. What are the plans for data migration?

C. WouldiSCSI meet your needs?

D. How much space is available in the current storage systems?

Answer: B


A customer has an EMC Symmetrix DMX3000 that is at the end of lease. The environment consists of IBM

System p, IBM System i, and IBM System z. The customer is evaluating EMC, HDS, and IBM storage as

possible replacements. They are interested in comparing the performance of all three disk subsystems.

Which tool compares performance?

A. Capacity Magic

B. eConfig

C. TPC for Disk

D. Disk Magic

Correct Answer: D

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An administrator is planning to upgrade multiple systems and partitions to IBM i 7.1. A network based image will be used to hold the install image with current PTFs.

Which server type is supported with IBM i 7.1 to perform the install?





Correct Answer: B


Given the following code:

What will the alert(WL.Client.getUserPref(\’key1\’)); show?

A. The alert will not show since WL.Client.setUserPref cannot be called in the for loop since it is an

asynchronous function.

B. updatedValue1 since WL.Client.setUserPref({\’key1\’ : \’updatedValue1\’}); will replace the value of key1

set in the for loop.

C. value1, updatedValue1 or null since WL.Client.setUserPref is an asynchronous function and there is no

guarantee which call, if any,will return first.

D. value1 since WL.Client.setUserPref(\’key1\’, \’updatedValue1\’); will fail because WL.Client.deleteUserPref

(\’key1\’) was notcalled before setting the new value.

Correct Answer: C


What is required of all user profiles that use objects in an independent ASP?

A. Users must have authority to the ASP device description.

B. Users must be a member of the group profile that owns the ASP.

C. The ASP group name must be specified in the initial library list.

D. The users need to be part of the QASPGRP authorization list to allow access.

Correct Answer: A