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An administrator is planning to deploy multiple AIX LPARs onto a Power 770. These LPARs will be served

with Virtual SCSI storage from a pair of VIO Servers (VIOS). What consideration should be considered with

regard to VIOS configuration to ensure suitable performance of the virtualized storage?

A. Allocate sufficient CPU processing capacity.

B. Provide sufficient memory allocation.

C. Assign each virtual disk on a unique virtual SCSI adapter.

D. Set the hcheck_mode attribute on the vSCSI disks.

Correct Answer: A


Which characteristics describe a cloud data center as opposed to a traditional data center?

A. Many applications, limited patching, dedicated servers, redundant networks

B. Highly virtualized, many applications, mixed hardware, various management tools

C. Standardized management tools, highly automated, highly virtualized, standardized architecture

D. Many applications, frequent patching, multiple architectures, mix of physical and virtual


Answer: C



The system administrator of a company has been asked to implement a change request to an

existing solution to let orders in the Backordered status to be cancellable. If an order is in any

other status, cancellations should be disallowed. How should the system administrator achieve


A. The system administrator should use the Sterling Business Center console to configure the

order modification business rules.

B. The system administrator should use the Order Modification Rules present within the

Applications Manager to configure the Backorderedstatus to allow the order to be canceled.

C. The system administrator does not have to do anything since orders in the backordered status

will be automatically canceled by IBM SterlingOrder Management without any special


D. The system administrator should implement the beforeChangeOrder User Exit of the

changeOrder API in order to check for permissible orderstatuses. If the order is not in the

Backordered status, an exception should be thrown from the User Exit.

Answer: B



During the pre-installation planning of a customer\’s recently purchased IBM System Storage DS8700 the

port configuration, cabling, and disk layout were discussed. What other topic should be discussed in this

solution review?

A. LPAR capacity planning

B. logical volume configuration

C. data migration process

D. audit hosts for HBA worldwide port names

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following statements about DS8000 hard drive technology is correct?

A. All types of the 2.5″ disk drives offered by the DS8800 system have higher performance than the 3.5″

disk drives supported by DS8700

B. The 2.5″ disk drives included on the DS8800 support 6Gbps SAS; the 3.5″ disk drives in DS8700 are 4

Gbps FC


The 2.5″ disk drives included on the DS8800 support 8Gbps SAS; the 3.5″ disk drives in DS8700 are 4

Gbps FC


The 2.5″ 15k rpm drives offered by the DS8800 system support 6Gbps SAS-2

Correct Answer: D