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A solution implementer needs to configure SSL mutual authentication between DataPower and a

secure backend server. The secure backend server requires the client to send a certificate for

authentication. What step must the solution implementer take to allow SSL mutual authentication

when DataPower acts as the client in this scenario?

A. Set the ciphers list to “HIGH” in the crypto profile.

B. Configure the SSL proxy profile to be in “two-way” mode.

C. Configure an identification credentials object to allow the verification of client identity.

D. Enable the “Permit Connections to Insecure SSL Servers” setting in the SSL proxy profile.

Answer: C



A system administrator wants to share system information like Workload Management among

core groups. Which of the following statements is valid in this context?

A. Core groups in same or different sells use the service integration bus to share Workload

Management information.

B. Core groups can overlap by including common servers and the common servers are used to

share Workload Management information

C. Core groups in different cells can only use the core group bridge service to share Workload

Management information

D. Core groups use the core group bridge service to share Workload Management information

Answer: D


A company has just purchased a new POWER7 server running IBM i 7.1 to replace an older system running V5R4M5. Due to a mistake by a programmer on the V5R4 system, data was accidently deleted. To recover, the administrator backs up the deleted data to virtual tape on the 7.1 server and attempts to restore it on the V5R4 server. The restore on the V5R4 server fails with a message stating the data was saved from a more recent release of the operating system.

Which option will solve this problem?

A. Save the data to physical media.

B. Set the target release parameter to V5R4M0 when saving the data.

C. ETP the virtual tape image catalog from the 7.1 server using binary mode.

D. Use the target release parameter *RECOVER and the access path parameter set to VSR4MO.

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

A retail company is in the process of defining a product catalog. The requirements specify that the

product be uniquely identified by its SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and contain a product name, a

product description, and a price. Additionally, some products can have up to five accessories.

Each accessory is a product by itself. Therefore, only the SKU of the accessories need to be

related to the product. Finally, it is also a requirement to enable addition of a promotion code that

would be effective during a specific period of time.

Products are currently modeled as given in the following format:


Which statement describes server firmware delivery that uses PTF5 on a POWER7 system?

A. A single IBM i (57703S1) PTF is ordered to update server firmware.

B. The firmware is ordered using the marker PTF ID, such as MHxxxxx, and is installed with normal IBM i PTE commands.

C. The server firmware PTE (MFxxxxx) is ordered from the connected HMC and is sent to the service partition for install.

D. The HIPER PTF group is ordered for the Licensed Internal Code (5770999) and the order is flagged with Include Firmware Update *YES.

Correct Answer: A