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Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

1. Using YourCo marketplace, companies can quickly search and locate products and services


2. Once a company finds a products or service suitable for their need, the company can solicit

pricing information (quotations) from various sellers.

3. Multiple sellers of a same kind product or service can bid to sell a product.

4. Once the company finalizes the desired product(s), price and seller, it notifies the seller sends

an invoice to the customer.

5. The marketplace interacts with banks on behalf of the sellers and buyers to execute the

financial transitions of an exchange.

XML will be used extensively for data exchange between heterogeneous entities.

Once a financial transaction is completed after an exchange between a buyer and seller, the

financial institution sends the transaction details as a large XML document. The marketplace

application is required to persist just the status of the completed transaction (whether it

succeeded or not) into a high-volume database in an efficient manner. Also, the source data can

be assumed to be secure and conforming to an XML Schema. Which of the following can be

done to make the related components high-performing and efficient?

A. Use a DOM Parser

B. Use a SAX Parser

C. Use XSL Transformation to match the status related constructs

D. Use event listener mechanisms to gather status details

E. Disable validity checking during parsing

Answer: B, D, E


A customer has a database that is fully journaled, including remote journals. The overnight backup of the data, including access paths, completed normally.

The system failed and the customer needs to recover on the remote journal system.

After restoring the nightly save to the remote system, what must the administrator do to make the database usable on the remote system?

A. Apply journal changes from the remote copy of the journal receivers to the restored data.

B. Apply journal changes from the remote copy of the journal receivers to the restored data. EDTRBDAP to monitor the rebuild of the access paths.

C. Restore the saved journals to the remote system.Apply journal changes from the remote copy of the journal receivers to the restored data. EDTRBDAP to monitor the rebuild of the access paths.

D. Restore the saved journals to the remote system.Associate the remote receivers to the restored journals.Apply journal changes from the remote copy of the journal receivers to the restored data.

Correct Answer: A


Expressions are used in XSLT for all of the following purposes EXCEPT:

A. To select nodes for processing.

B. To specify conditions for different ways of processing a node.

C. To process sections in the XML document instance.

D. To generate text to be inserted in the result tree.

Answer: C


A company-wide Certificate Authority (CA) provides its internal CA root and intermediary certificates to the

solution implementer to use for the creation of Validation Credentials that validates several back end

servers using SSL. The two lines of business in the company provide services on two different domains on

DataPower and two different banks of servers on the back end. The requirement is to share a single copy

of the CA certificates to create validation credentials in two domains for both the lines of business to

simplify maintenance. How can the solution implementer satisfy the requirement?

A. . Store the CA certificates in the sharedcert: folder from the default domain.

B. Store the CA certificates in the store:///cert folder from the default domain.

C. Create Validation Credentials in the default domain so it can be shared across all the domains.

D. Store the certificate in the cert: folder in any of the two domains and mark the certificate as shared.

Correct Answer: A


Consider the following portion of an XML document:

Which of the following is TRUE concerning events in DOM?