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A change to POWER7 server firmware is being planned on an HMC managed system. The current server firmware level is AL720_108_066, and the new server firmware level will be AL730_078_035.

What must the administrator take into consideration for this task?

A. A backup of critical FSP data needs to be scheduled.

B. Downtime needs to be scheduled as this will be a disruptive update.

C. The system ESP should have both network ports configured to the HMC to guard against HMC connection loss.

D. Ensure the “Apply Immediate” option is selected on the Submit Task panel so the update will be concurrent.

Correct Answer: B


A small IBM i partition has batch jobs in subsystem QBATCH that occasionally have very high CPU usage

(more than 50%), impacting system performance.

The administrator needs to be able to observe these jobs on a 5250 session when they occur.

Which steps should the administrator take to display the jobs when they occur?

A. WRKACTJOB SBS(QBATCH) CPUPCTLMT(50) INTER VAL(10) and press E19 for auto refresh.

B. WRKSYSACT SBS(QBATCH), enter 50 in the CPU Filter field1 and press F19 for auto refresh.

C. WRKSYSACT, P20 to subset, include QBATCH, set the CPU Filter to 50% and press PIO for auto refresh.

D. WRKACTJOB, press P20 to subset, enter 50% for the CPU, use P16 to sequence by subsystem and press P19 for auto refresh.

Correct Answer: A


Because of the amount of Web traffic and for fail-over purposes, an existing Web

infrastructure will be equipped with a second WebSEAL next to the one that is already

operational for several months. During these months several modifications have been

made to this first WebSEAL configuration. What is the best approach of making sure that

the second WebSEAL acts identically to the first one?

A. use the cloning option in the pdconfig while configuring the second WebSEAL

B. server task internet02-webseald-host02 server sync internet01-webseald-host01

C. make a complete operating system clone of the first machine and deploy it to the second


D. copy the first WebSEAL configuration file, webseald-internet01.conf, to the second

WebSEAL instance and rename it to webseald-internet02.conf

Answer: B



An administrator has been provided with a POWERS system for a disaster recovery test. The Licensed

Internal Code has been loaded and the disks initialized.

The recovery of IBM i 7.1, which had originally been saved on a Power 720, failed.

Which action will resolve the problem?

A. Use a D-Mode IPL to install the operating system.

B. Restart the recovery specifying the Target Release parameter as 7.1.

C. Install the operating system with the *PREV option and specify POWERS as the system to restore to.

D. Slip-install the LIC from the source system backup, and then continue with the remainder of the install.

Correct Answer: D


A system administrator needs to configure a redundant network environment for several AIX and Linux

clients on a Power Systems server. Which highly available Virtual I/O server network solution should be

used to meet this requirement?

A. Shared Ethernet Adapter Failover

B. Network Interface Backup

C. Link Aggregation

D. VLAN tagging

Correct Answer: A