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An application uses commitment control and has the following attributes: Physical files in library: APDATA Logical files in library: APLE Journals in library: APJRN Journal receivers in APJRNPCV

Application objects must be saved at a transaction boundary.

Which parameter of the SAVLIB command of the following supports this requirement?





Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is the correct procedure to update the BIOS on LS42 blades without using

the AMM?

A. Insert the UpdateeXpress Service Pack Installer (UXSPI) CD, boot the LS42 blade and follow

the prompts

B. Boot the blade to the Bootable Media Creator (BoMC) CD and follow the prompts

C. Press F1 when the LS42 system is booting, select Update BIOS, insert the diskette into the

diskette drive, and select OK

D. Use the Remote Supervisor Adapter virtual disk

Answer: B


An administrator created and tested a CL program to perform a nightly backup of an in-house application. The program adopts authority of the owner who is a user with *SAVSYS special authority.

The administrator can run the program without error. However, when any member of the OPERATOR group attempts to use the program, an error occurs.

Which action will correct the problem and maintain system security with least effort?

A. Grant the operators *ALLOBJ authority.

B. Change the authority on the library and program to PUBLIC *ALL.

C. Grant the operator group profile *USE authority to the program.

D. Use the Grant User Authority command (GRTUSRAUT) and specify the OPERATOR group as the referenced user.

Correct Answer: C


A developer is testing the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite in development mode. The

developer wants to makes changes to the table level cache limit and monitor its effect on the

deployed application. The testing needs to be done only for a particular session and not on a

permanent basis. Where can the developer change the table level cache limit for the session?

A. dbclassCache.properties

B. customer_overrides.properties

C. Table Level Cache List screen in the Applications Manager

D. Table Level Cache List screen in the System Management Console

Answer: D



A Worklight application does not need to connect to a server on startup. However, when previewing the

application on the device emulator, it is throwing a server connection error on start up. What is the

consequence if the connection error is resolved using the WL.Client.init({connectOnStartup:false}) API to

disable the connection to the server on application startup?

A. The application will not be able to subsequently connect to the server.

B. Server features other than the Remote Disable or Direct Update will be disabled.

C. Any server features the application uses will only be available when it connects to the server.

D. There will be no potential consequences as the runtime will safely disable server connectivity errors.

Correct Answer: C