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Queue manager DEV_QM1 is no longer able to send and receive messages from queue manager

DEV_QM2. Both queue managers reside on the Windows server. The administrator takes a look at the

MQ Explorer to see what the problem is and notices the channel initiator for DEV_QM2 has stopped. What

options does the administrator have to resolve the problem?

A. PCF commands

B. MQSC commands

C. Control commands

D. WebSphere MQ Explorer

E. WebSphere MQ API Exerciser

Correct Answer: ABC




A University customer has a BladeCenter H fully populated with LS21 Blades, a single AMM, and

four power modules. The BladeCenter has been running flawlessly for three months. One day an

administrator discovers that they cannot view video on blades 912

either locally or remotely even though they still appear to be running. The video works on all of the

other blades. Which of the following is the cause of the video problem?

A. A power module has failed and there is not enough power to see video on all blades.

B. MUX 3 on theBladeCenter backplane has failed.

C. A firmware update is required on the AMM.

D. A second AMM is required to view video on blades 914.

Answer: B


A BPM application developer is asked by a system administrator to fix an issue with a failed

process instance in a on-line runtime environment. The system administrator has determined that

the problem is with a variable called tw.local.carSelection. The value of tw.local.carSelection is

incorrect and needs to be set to “Truck”. Assuming the BPM application developer has been

granted all security privileges required, which of the following approaches are valid to fix the

problem? (Choose two)

A. Using the Inspector tab via the Process Designer:

1. Select the failed process

2. Use the execution evaluator to change the data

3. Select the \’Resume\’ button

B. Using the Inspector tab via the Process Designer:

1. Select the failed process

2. Select the variables tab

3. Edit the data

4. Select the \’Resume\’ button

C. Using the Designer tab via the Process Designer:

1. Open the process

2. Change the data

3. Deploy a new snapshot

4. Select “Migrate Existing Instances”

D. Using a database client connected to the BPM Process DB:

1. Open the LSW_BPD_INSTANCE_DATA table

2. Identify the failed process ID

3. Execute SQL to update the data

E. Using the Process Inspector tab via the Process Admin Console:

1. Select the failed process

2. Select the failed task

3. Open the data tree

4. Edit the data

5. Select \’Retry Failed Steps\’

Answer: A,E


You are using the Change Capture stage in your job design to identify changes made to the input

link (before image) to obtain the results in the output link. This job will be using a multi-node

configuration file when executed. What are two requirements on the input link data for the Change

Capture stage? (Choose two.)

A. sorted

B. merged links C.

parallel mode D.

key partitioned

E. sequential mode

Answer: A,D



Which two statements are true about stage variables in a Transformer Stage? (Choose two.)

A. Stage variables can be set to NULL.

B. Stage variables cannot be set to NULL.

C. Varchar stage variables can be initialized with spaces.

D. Stage variables are refreshed with default values before each new input row is processed.

E. A stage variable in one Transformer can refer to a stage variable in another Transformer, as

long as the second Transformer was processed

earlier in the job flow.

Answer: A,C