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Companycom is migrating their application that was built on AIX 4.3, to a new p5 590 system that

is running AIX 5.3. The application was a 32-bit program. What will need to be done with the

application to allow it to run on the new system?

A. Run without recompiling on AIX 5.3

B. Relink to the 32-bit kernel in order to run the application

C. Recompile to run on AIX 5.3 because the libraries are in different locations

D. Recompile 32-bit applications because the compiler flags and versions have changed

Answer: A


An audit requires a listing of programs that inherit authority greater than the authority of the submitting user. Which option in the Securely Tools menu will accomplish the task?

A. Option 21 – Adopting objects

B. Option 38- Object authority

C. Option 40 – Program authority

D. Option 42- User profile authority

Correct Answer: A


On an IBM System Stoage DS8000 which of the following information pairs are mandatory to create a


A. extent pool id and volume id

B. extent pool id and volume name

C. volume id and extent allocation method

D. volume name and extent allocation method

Correct Answer: A


A Worklight developer is having trouble with the XSL file that transforms the raw XML feed from a public

RSS server into JSON data to be consumed by a mobile application. What is the correct use of Worklight\’s

debugging features to resolve this problem?

A. Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Back-end Service tool to edit the XSL file based on the raw XML

and corresponding JSON data.

B. Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Procedure tool to retrieve the raw XML and corresponding JSON

data for comparison with the XSL file.


Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Back-end Service and Invoke Worklight Procedure tools to

compare the raw XML andcorresponding JSON data.

D. Use the adapter\’s Deploy Worklight Adapter option to deploy the adapter into the Worklight Console,

then use the Console\’s Previewfeature to debug the adapter.

Correct Answer: A


The solution implementer needs to configure the DataPower appliance to restrict user account access to

specific domains. The solution implementer implements this requirement by configuring the Domain

Restriction section of the user account. During application execution, the configured user account is able to

access a domain that is configured as restricted (no access allowed by this user). What should the solution

implementer identify as a valid source of the problem?

A. An existing access policy or RBM policy can supersede the Domain Restriction list.

B. User access cannot be restricted to a specific domain in the user account configuration.

C. The user is a member of the \’root\’ user group.

D. The RBM system was not used to restrict access, which is the only way to meet the Domain Restriction


Correct Answer: A