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An environment has an offsite copy storage pool. The remote copy pool will be sent on Monday to

the offsite location. These copy pool volumes need to be reclaimed as well as optimized. When

would such tasks be scheduled?

A. The reclaim must be run daily.

B. The reclaim can be run selectively.

C. The reclaim can be done before Monday.

D. There is no need to run reclaims for offsite copy pools.

Answer: C


A prospective client needs to combine Ethernet, FCOE, and iSCSI. They have not been able to

practically combine these in the past. Which of the following IBM products meets this need?

A. BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM)

B. SAN Volume Controller (SVC)

C. Virtual Fabric forBladeCenter

D. Network Provisioning on Demand in the AMM

Answer: C


An administrator is designing a new system. Redundancy is critical, and cost must be kept as low as


The system planned is a Power 770 with 2 enclosures, each with a 10Gb IVE. It will support 6 dedicated

production LPARs, 8 development LPARs, and 2 VIO Servers. Production and development networks

must be separate from each other.

Which of the following network solutions supports the requirements above?

A. Utilize the Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapter in each enclosureAllocate 1 logical port from each IVE in

each enclosure to each LPAR and VIO ServerConfigure 802.1Q on each LPAR

B. Allocate Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapters ports to the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet

Adapter for production and another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs

C. Use dedicated Ethernet cards in each Production LPAR using Ether channelAllocate two dedicated

Ethernet cards to the VIO ServersCreate a SEA and use for development LPARs

D. Run dedicated adapters in the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet Adapter for production and

another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs.

Correct Answer: A


When using IBM Tivoli Directory Server as a user registry in an IBM Tivoli Access Manager

for e-business V6.1.1 environment, which Directory Information Tree (DIT) structure

reduces the number of objects created in the database?

A. Running the am2fmt utility after installation.

B. Specifying the user of Minimal Mode at installation.

C. Specifying the use of Standard Mode at installation.

D. Specifying the -minimal parameter on the pdadmin user create command.

Answer: B



Click the Exhibit button.

An existing IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 infrastructure already

protects a Web application for employees by using an intranet WebSEAL. The next step is

to make the Web application accessible for Internet customers. What would be the most

secure and logical flow?

A. Flow A

B. Flow B

C. Flow C

D. Flow D

Answer: C