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Which XML document is valid according to XML specifications?



C. C.


Correct Answer: D


Users frequently overrun the amount of space intended for them, resulting in full home

filesystems. The customer is currently using AIX 5.3 with a mix of JFS and JFS2 filesystems.

Which of the following will contain the growth of the home filesystem space?

A. Implement disk quota for all home filesystems

B. Implement disk quota for the JFS2 home filesystems

C. Recreate the home directories as individual filesystems

D. Run the find command every night and delete all old files

Answer: A


Which Worklight pre-defined authentication methods can be used to secure an application that does not

require the user to login interactively?

A. Form-based authentication

B. LDAP-based authentication

C. Header-based authentication

D. Adapter-based authentication

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Correct Answer: C


The solution implementer needs to configure the DataPower appliance to restrict user account

access to specific domains. The solution implementer implements this requirement by configuring

the Domain Restriction section of the user account. During application execution, the configured

user account is able to access a domain that is configured as restricted (no access allowed by this

user). What should the solution implementer identify as a valid source of the problem?

A. An existing access policy or RBM policy can supersede the Domain Restriction list.

B. User access cannot be restricted to a specific domain in the user account configuration.

C. The user is a member of the \’root\’ user group.

D. The RBM system was not used to restrict access, which is the only way to meet the Domain

Restriction requirement.

Answer: A



A save file named SAVE in library QGPL contains only .bin files saved from an IFS directory.

Assuming the necessary parent directories are present, how can the administrator restore the .bin files to a new directory named DIR 1?

A. Restore the .bin files using the RSTSAVFDATA FILE (QGPL/SAVE) OBJ((`*ALL\’ INCLUDE `/DIR1\’)

B. Restore the .bin files using the command RST DEV(`/QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/SAVE.FILE\’) OBJ((`*ALL\’ `INCLUDE `/DIR\’)).

C. Use the DSPSAVF command to rind out the OLDDIRECTORY directory name, then restore the bin files using the command RST DEV(`/QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/SAVE.FILE\’) OBJ((`/OLDDIRECTORY\’ INCLUDE `/DIR1\’)).

D. Change the current directory to DIR1, use the DSPSAVF command to find out the OLDDIRECTORY directory name, then restore the .bin files using the command RST DEV(`/QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/ SAVE.FILE\’) QBJ(`/OLDDIRECTORY\’ INCLUDE)).

Correct Answer: C