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An administrator has successfully completed installing the current cumulative PTF package, most recent Technology Refresh level, plus multiple group PTEs.

Due to time constraints a full system backup cannot be completed, but there is time for a subset of a full system save.

Which type of save will capture the changes made by the PTF and Technology Level installation?

A. Save System (SAVSYS)

B. Save System Data Only (SAVE menu option 22)

C. Save IBM product data – SAV OBJ((`/QIBM/ProdData\’)(7QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData\’))

D. Save IBM Libraries, Save Configuration and Security Data – SAVLIB *IBM SAVCFG and SAVSECDTA

Correct Answer: B


A UNIX customer has a Symmetrix DMX that has crashed three times in the past six months, causing data

loss. The customer is shopping for an enterprise storage solution to provide point-in-time copy functionality

without a fixed relationship to its primaries. Which IBM solution best meets this customer\’s requirements?

A. IBM System Storage DS8700 andVolumeCopy

B. IBM System Storage DS8700 andFlashCopy

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 andFlashCopy with the NoCopy option

D. IBM System Storage DS8700 andFlashCopy with the Persistent option

Correct Answer: B


IBM support asks that currently active system firmware level (MHxxxxx) be deactivated, so the system can run on the older level. How is this accomplished?

A. Run command DLTPTF PTE (M) RMV (*TEMP).

B. Run the WRKFMWSTS command. Select option 4 on the *TEMP line and press “enter”.

C. On the system panel, change the IPL mode to “B” and “P. Then restart the system.

D. Run command RMVPTF LICPGM(5770SS1)SELECT(MHxxxxx) DELAYED(*YES),then restart the partition.

Correct Answer: C


When selling against competition, which of the following focus on the iDataPlex value proposition?

A. Large selection of proven applications

B. Standard rack mounting

C. Flexible configurations ready for integration and testing at thecustomers data center

D. Easy maintenance through individualhotswappable nodes

Answer: D


Which option describes one of the purposes of a manual IPL?

A. It is required to apply PTFs.

B. It allows more control over the system startup process.

C. It is the only way to start the system when there is a console problem.

D. It is required to recover the system from a previous abnormal system end caused by ENDJOBABN.

Correct Answer: B