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A GUI Editor for editing XML documents is being built. It has a view where the XML document

can be presented in a tree form. One of the requirements is that a user should be able to visually

select one or more nodes, and cut and paste them into another destination node. A parser that

conforms to the DOM API implementation is used for XML processing. Which of the following

types provided by the DOM API can be BEST used to temporarily store the nodes that have been

cut and later to append them to the destination node?

A. Document

B. DocumentFragment

C. NodeList

D. NodeMap

Answer: B


When using IBM Tivoli Directory Server as a user registry in an IBM Tivoli Access Manager

for e-business V6.1.1 environment, which Directory Information Tree (DIT) structure

reduces the number of objects created in the database?

A. Running the am2fmt utility after installation.

B. Specifying the user of Minimal Mode at installation.

C. Specifying the use of Standard Mode at installation.

D. Specifying the -minimal parameter on the pdadmin user create command.

Answer: B



An administrator determines that the system slows down whenever a specific query is run and that IDX-FILEA displays when a WRKACTJOB is performed.

Which tool or command can assist the administrator in determining what is causing this to occur?



C. System i Navigator Index Adviser

D. IBM Systems Director Database Manager

Correct Answer: C


An international company has a heterogeneous IBM storage environment with two IBM DS8700 systems

in a Metro Mirror relationship. They also have a virtualized environment with two SVC clusters in a Global

Mirror relationship. The storage administrator complains about the monitoring of copy services. Which

solution should the IBM storage specialist propose for this pain point?

A. System Storage Productivity Center

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication

C. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. DS8000 Storage Manager

Correct Answer: B

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A bank has requested proposals for a storage solution to upgrade their disaster recovery processes for

their IBM System z, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows environment. The solution must simulate a multi-site

environment and provide the customer the ability to evaluate Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Global Mirror for

z/OS, and FlashCopy. 120 TB physical capacity is required per site. Only Fibre Channel drives can be

used. Which solution best meets the specified requirements?

A. two DS8700 systems with two-way processor cards and 600 GB FC drives

B. two DS8700 systems with four-way processor cards and LPAR

C. two DS8700 systems with two-way processor cards and two frames per system

D. two DS8700 systems with four-way processor cards and two frames per system

Correct Answer: D