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Which of the following approaches can be used to reduce the time needed to parse an XML


A. Use parameter entities to shorten DTDs.

B. Refer to external entities over a network connection to avoid reading from a disk.

C. Use general entities to shorten instance documents by reusing content that appears


D. Use entities to eliminate the need for validation.

Answer: A, C


When using a Sequential File stage as a source what are the two reject mode property

options? (Choose two.)

A. Set

B. Fail

C. Save

D. Continue

E. Convert

Answer: B,D



The data going into the target Sequential Files stage is range-partitioned and sorted. Which

technique method would be the most efficient to create a globally sorted target sequential file?

A. Select an in-stage sort in the final Sequential File stage.

B. Select the Ordered collector method for the final Sequential File stage.

C. Select the Sort Merge collector method for the final Sequential File stage.

D. Insert a Funnel stage before the final Sequential File stage and select Sequence as Funnel


Answer: B



In a Transformer expression for a stage variable, there is a nullable input column. Assume the

legacy NULL processing option is turned off. What happens when a row is processed that contains

NULL in that input column?

A. The job aborts.

B. The row is rejected.

C. NULL is written to the stage variable.

D. The value written to the stage variable is undetermined.

Answer: C



The process owner has requested that a group of experts be recommended to all users who need to

complete the “Review Auto Loan” activity in the Process Portal. This is in addition to the users that BPM

automatically recommends. How must a BPM application developer satisfy this requirement?

A. 1. Select the “Review Auto Loan” activity2. In the “Pre” field, add a script that sets the specified

participant group as the Expert Group for that activity

B. 1. Select the “Review Auto Loan” activity\’s Implementation tab2. Select “Expert User Task” from the

dropdown3. Select the specified participant group.

C. 1. Select the “Review Auto Loan” activity2. Select the Assignments tab3. Set the Expert Group to the

specified participant group

D. 1. Add a server script before the “Review Auto Loan” activity2. In the server script, set the specified

participant group as the Expert Group for that activity

Correct Answer: C